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Rumor Round Up: Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins, Jack and Sally at MNSSHP, Minnie to get meet area at Hollywood Studios


Sofia the First

SOFIA THE FIRSTI’ve been receiving tons of emails, comments posts and Tweets wondering about Sofia the First.  (Because the Disney Blog released a confusing post – repeatedly)  Sofia’s appearance was delayed (and I posted about that on June 23) that Sofia’s first appearance at Hollywood Studios would be on  August 11.  Recently the Disney Lifestylers reported that Cast Members were telling guests that Sofia would not begin appearing until August 19th.  (I find it easiest to just say mid-August).   They are designing a new backdrop for Sofia and Jake.  Sofia will take Manny’s place in front of Disney Jr, BUT will NOT take his place in Hollywood and Vine, nor will she currently be added to Hollywood and Vine rotation.

Doc McStuffins

I’ve not heard of any date set for Doc McStuffins appearance in the parks.  I do know that she will make her first public appearance at D23 very soon.  If history tells us anything, it will be several months before she is ready to move into a park meet.   I’m wondering where they would put Doc at Hollywood Studios.  The only place that comes to mind is the Animation area.

Jack Skellington and Sally

Jack Skellington and SallyJack Skellington and Sally are reportedly going to begin appearing at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year!  Walt Disney World recently hosted auditions for CMs who want to be friends with Sally.  Perhaps the single weekend last year with 4+ hour long lines convinced them to add the couple to the MNSSHP rotation.  This meet would be VERY popular and would take the Dwarfs place as THE meet at the parties.  Some feel that they may meet in the Magic Kingdom throughout the day during Halloween season as well, but that remains to be seen.

Monsters Inc instead of Buzz for MINSSHP?

2011 Pixar Weekends - Smitty and Needleman.  I really wish they would offer Pixar Weekends on a regular basis!  It would be great to add them in February to Hollywood Studios.  They could offer all the great characters, movie props, discussions etc...

Some have rumored that Mike and Sulley would come over to join the Party and take Buzz Lightyear’s spot at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party only.   I also heard that they were considering adding some the old Pixar parade characters to the party.  The rumor pointed to those Pixar characters appearing for a new Monster’s Inc themed Dance Party that would take the place of the normal Stitch dance party in Tomorrowland.

Fairies to take over Town Square Theater

I heard numerous times on my recent trip that Tinker Bell and the other fairies would take over Town Square Theater left side after the Princesses move out.  The Princess meet is coming along nicely and I’ve heard reports that it could open for testing some time in September.  If the fairies do indeed move over, it would take a while to re-theme the meet area before they move over.

Anna may be located in Norway?

I’ve heard from several people that they are hearing that Anna from the movie Frozen would be located in Norway, but I can’t see where the meet and greet would fit in Norway.  Someone suggested that she would meet in the Fastpass area or inside the store like Pooh/Tigger, but both areas are pretty small and she will be a popular character.  Princesses and “Ladies” tend to draw some of the longest lines for characters.   It remains to be seen if Elsa or other characters will appear.  The movie Frozen releases in November.

Ariel’s new dress

I heard that Ariel’s new dress design didn’t turn out like they had hoped, so it was delayed.  Ariel was supposed to begin wearing the new dress at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in June, but it’s looking more like an August premier.  Snow White is supposed to get her new threads in October, if all goes as planned.

Jammin’ Jungle Parade

jammin_jungle_paradeIf the rumors are true, Animal Kingdom will no longer offer a parade beginning January 2014.  If that were true, there would be no parades in Walt Disney World from January until Spring 2014 when the new Magic Kingdom parade begins.  It’s getting pretty sad in the Entertainment department with all the removals and scaling back that’s going on.


  1. Hi! Have you’ve heard any news on Ariel’s new look? I’m a big TLM fan and would love to know anything about my favorite’s new look :)

  2. I don’t understand this claim: “If the rumors are true, Animal Kingdom will no longer offer a parade beginning January 2014. If that were true, there would be no parades in Walt Disney World from January until Spring 2014 when the new Magic Kingdom parade begins.”

    What about the two parades currently at MK? Are they being cancelled in January?

  3. Sofia is my daughter’s favorite. We will be there on Auguest the 15th, so we are hoping she will be there starting on the 11th!!!!!

  4. I can only hope that at mnsshp they put some new villains out especially for the mix and mingle show.It always feels like the same thing every year!!They need a new villain to show up maybe shan yu,stromboli,hades..I hope character fans can reach out to disney cast members and remind them that halloween is about the Villains!

  5. Great details. I hope they keep parades…often them have fun character experiences in them with the walking ones. Also they sometimes feature characters you do not see elsewhere.

    I wonder if you heard anything about Periwinkle coming back this winter with Tinkerbell?

  6. It will be very disappointing if they stop the AK Parade. It’s our favourite of all the parades at WDW. Along with the HS parade already gone, I’m surprised they’re keeping the MK Parade (I know it’s a new one coming next year)

  7. I guess having jack and sally would be nice even though they were at downtown disney last yr..I just think that mnsshp have been really lame and im all about the villains.I mean how bout bringing out some real villains for once instead of the same ones every yr on stage.Wheres shan yu,Hades,Big bad wolf,foulfellow,pain and panic,bowler guy,gov ratcliffe!!Disney charges All this money for these parties and they need villains.After all its Halloween its there time to shine.

    • Lol, forgot to mention that. I know they are going to do some extra construction, perhaps shade structures for Hat character meets and I heard that Minnie may get her own meet in Animation next to Mickey or with Mickey.

      • If it’s with Mickey, could that possibly mean a new Mickey costume, to match Minnie’s current outfit? I just can’t imagine Sorcerer Mickey meeting alongside Hollywood Minnie.

      • There’s some construction going on in Animation off to the side of where Mickey currently meets. DHS is also the only park that currently doesn’t offer FP+ enabled meets.

  8. Why move the fairies? They already have a nice meet and greet area. Why not use it for adding new characters ? I mean, if they play it right, they could actually create a nice buzz for new interesting characters. A little Limited Time magic all the time?

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