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Added Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure Entertainment Schedules and updated Disney World Entertainment

Woody Woodpecker Universal Islands of Adventure 2012

I just completed adding Universal Studios Orlando, Islands of Adventure and SeaWorld entertainment schedules to the blog as well as updating Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom’s entertainment schedules.  You can find those under the Entertainment link on the top of the blog.  The schedules will be updated every Saturday night as needed.  Universal and SeaWorld may allow for up to two week schedules at a time.

I’ll be adding Universal and SeaWorld park hours to the Hours tab soon as well.  You’ll also notice under the Magic Kingdom park hours that I’m beginning to separate them by month to make it easier to find the month for which you are looking.

I’m also working on gathering character schedule information for Universal and Islands of Adventure.  I’ll be posting a bunch of photos tonight which will fill your inbox if you don’t have the settings to receive one email per day (as needed).  I’ll be using those photos to create characters, maps, schedules and interaction tips for Universal and Islands of Adventure characters in the coming week(s).

Happy Character Locating!



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  1. Love that you’ve added these. Had a heck of a time before our trip last year figuring out what characters would be around, where and when. Great to have it available in one spot.

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