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Can you Locate KennythePirate at Walt Disney World this Weekend?



I’ll be heading down to Walt Disney World late tonight in order to spend a couple of days at Star Wars Weekends.  I hope to gather info about character locations and schedules to help you guys have an even better experience at SWW.  (If you are interested in helping, just ask a CM when you get in line what time the next set(s) are for your favorite character.  You can Tweet me, respond to this thread or KtP Facebook me.

So, here’s the deal…I won’t be wearing my usual Character Locator shirt because I want Star Wars character photos wearing a Star Wars shirt.  IF you can locate me at Hollywood Studios (or any other park), I will have some special Limited Time KtP Magic to share with you.

In addition, keep an eye on www.characterlocator.com  (bookmark it) as we will be doing a Soft Opening for the general public this weekend.  There may still be a few wrinkles to iron out, but it’s pretty close to being finished.  The Soft Opening preview will be totally free, but you’ll need to register to view all the data and help us test the registration system on a larger scale.

Locate KtP for a free gift this weekend!


  1. Kenny – thanks for all of your info on SWW. Our family had a blast there this past weekend. During a trade with the Jawas, one of my boys received a KTP “I am a Character Locator” button. Thought that was fun!

  2. Saw your comment above about your experience today. That is good to know, but I think we try to stick to one celebrity. Do you know about what time the lines are starting for the celebrities and what time they start handing out the tickets to get your wristband/fastpass? Luckily we are staying close to HS, so we may walk over to get the ticket, and then go back to our hotel until closer time for the park to open that is if time allows.

  3. NBATEMAN91 That is basically my question all above. Can someone without the wristband/fastpass get in line for photos as long as the one with the wristband/fastpass is the only one requesting the autograph? Doesn’t seem I a have a clear answer yet.

      • Thank you Kenny for finding out! Too bad we can’t but understand! I guess this family of 4 will stand in one line!

      • So here’s my experience with the autograph thing today. I’m the only one to have the wristband and fastpass, but my friend is with me. He said he is wiling to take my picture with Dee Bradley Baker. We ask the attendant if that’s okay. “Sure, no problem.” We both enter the line. Dee speaks to me and him and signed two cards for me. One for a friend in Netherlands and one for me.” Every experience may vary, but they didn’t seem to be enforcing that the family couldn’t enter the meet and greet together. How many photos they sign would be up to the star.

  4. So say someone in a family decided to be crazy and do the autograph fast passes while the rest of said family was back at the hotel. Would another member of the family be able to get in the fastpass line with the person who has the wristband in order to take pictures? As long as you are only getting one actual autograph.

  5. Well given we have small kids. I thought my husband and I would get one ticket each for two celebrities we may want, but then wondered if we could meet back up together and get one autograph but us all stand in line together for that one autograph. Again only interested in one autograph per celebrity for the family of 4, but wondered if that family of four could get the one autograph together?

    • They will give you fp for anyone in the family, just limited to one for that celeb per person. If other celebs still have fp after you get the first ones, you may enter that line and get fp for that celeb too.

  6. Do you know if we pick up only one pass for an autograph with a celebrity if the entire family can stand in line to get that autograph or is only the pass holder allowed?

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