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2018 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party dates and costs

2018 Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party dates and costs

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Guide links:

2017 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Dates and Costs

 Updated March 19, 2018

All parties are 7:00pm to 12:00am – ticket holders may enter as early as 4:00pm with party ticket.
Tickets may be purchased in advance from Disney’s website (coming soon), at Disney World ticket booths, or by calling 407-939-7211.*

Which Party Should I choose?

Sunday or Thursday.  Don’t choose a Friday night party!  The main thing is that you have a GOOD plan.  You can use some of the options from Character Locator to plan the best night possible!

2018 Prices

Adult / Child 3-9 MNSSHP Dates
$75 adult / $70 child August 28
September 3. 9, 11, 16, 18, 23
$79 adult / $74 child August 17, 24, 31
September 7, 14, 21, 25
$89 adult / $84 child September 28, 30
October 2, 4
$99 adult / $94 child October 8, 9, 11, 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25
$119 adult / $114 child October 5, 12, 19, 26, 28, 30
$125 adult / $120 child October 31
Passholder & DVC Advance
$74 adult / $69 child
August 17, 24, 31
September 7, 14, 21, 25
Passholder & DVC Advance
$84 adult / $79child
August 28
September 3, 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 28, 30
October 2, 4
Passholder & DVC Advance
$95 adult / $89 child
October 8, 9, 11, 14, 16, 21, 23
Military Advance
$55 adult / $50 child
August 17, 24, 28, 31
September 3, 7, 9, 11, 14, 16, 18


  1. What’s the word on the ANNUAL MICKEY’S NOT SO SCARY HALLOWEEN PARTY LIVE WEBINAR? Do you have a date yet? So exciting!

  2. I know you say Tuesday’s are the best nights for the Halloween Party for lower crowd levels…I’m looking at either October 9th or October 11th. With the Oct. 9 being Tuesday after Columbus day which would you pick for the lowest crowd level?

    Thanks for your help!

  3. I changed to the 8th! Even though it’s columbus Day – we had no choice it was the only week available for our college age kiddos… saved $35 changing days too! I’m sure it’ll still be packed but we will follow your app to the T

  4. Oh no! I picked a Friday! Given the option between Sunday October 5th and Monday October 8th, I picked the Friday because of crowd warnings for MK on Monday, Columbus Day. I know they’re non-transferrable, but do you recommend I call, call and call again to try and change to the Sunday October 8th party?

  5. You say don’t book a Friday party…
    So should I book the first Christmas party which is on a Thursday, or the second which is on Friday? I thought the Thursday one would be full of bloggers, so I’m torn.

  6. How is the 11/1 party compared to the October dates. Does it sell out like the rest of that week?
    We can choose between 29th, 31st or 1st…wwyd?

  7. Hi Kenny,

    I’m going to WDW for 2 weeks in September 2017. I will go to the MNSSHP and have a question about transportation.

    I will stay at the Pop Century resort. Since it’s a closed party for guests with tickets to the event, will the busses still go to the resort after the party ends or if I want to go before it ends?

  8. Hi Kenny, Your just released October 2017 Crowd Calendar lists possible MNSSHP dates for Columbus Day week as Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Which day would you recommend for being less crowded and better for us to attend?

  9. How much busier will the 10/7 party be vs the 10/2 party? I know 10/2 will be less, but 10/7 is my birthday and what a great place to spend it!

  10. Hi Kenny,

    We are planning on MNSSHP for this year October! Unfortunately, we will only be there for the October 30 and 31 dates. Will the crowds for those be about the same or would the day before Halloween be a better day? Thanks!

  11. Kenny, We only have 2 options for the MNSSHP…Oct 28 or Oct 31. Should we even bother? Will the crowds be so horrible that it won’t be worth the money? My baby will be turning 4 the 29th and she loves Disney. I hate for her to miss out on trick or treating so I thought the party could make up for that, but I hate to spend the money if we won’t get to do much because of the crowds.

    • I can do a lot even on a sold out night. Use my plan from Character Locator and you’ll have a blast either way.

  12. Hi Kenny,
    We had originally thought we would not be able to attend the MKNSSHP and did not purchase tickets. We have friends who are not able to use two of the tickets they purchased however, they are children’s tickets. Do you know if it is possible for us (two adults) to use them and pay any additional cost?

  13. Hi Kenny! Follow the site all the time and completely grateful for all your updates. I’ve wanted to go to a MNSS Party for years and this year Oct. 12 is a date I can do. What kind of crowd should I expect?

  14. Which party datecwould you recommend… Thurs 10/22 or Fri 10/23? And what is the chance either will sell out in advance? Thanks!

  15. Thanks for the quick response, I know it’s pricy but do you think the soiree will come around again this year? We will be there for 9 nights and if we can come up with the extra $$$ it sounds fun. Also was it the same nights as the Halloween party nights or just 1 or 2 special nights?
    Thanks again

  16. Hey Kenny Great site! My wife and I are going down in October, we love Halloween. Is there any chance of meeting Maleficent? She is my wife’s favorite. I seen some pictures of meets from a few years ago at Hollywood studios but nothing recent. We’re hoping she will be accessible after there recent movie release. Any thoughts?
    Dan and Missy

    • She only met at the Villains Soiree last year. We scheduled the latest possible time so we could enjoy the full party. She offers no regular meets. She does pop up for training in August some.

  17. I seem to remember that last year you had a list of when MNSSHP and/or MVMCP parties sold out. I cannot seem to find it. Would you direct me?

  18. This stinks MNSSHP is starting later this year :( the 2015 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival Guide says

    September 15, 18, 20, 22, 25, 27.
    October 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31.
    November 1.

    This means no MNSSHP for me :(

  19. Hi Kenny I wanted to ask you… We are discussing another Halloween trip this October to bring my brothers girlfriend to Disney who’s never been. We are hoping to do a Halloween party but my question is if you are attending the party in the evening but you plan to make a day of the magic kingdom can you wear your costumes to the park for the whole day or do you have to wait and change into them later? We’ve been to the parties before but we always just showed up at 7 so I want to look into their policies.

  20. Hi kennythepirate I have heard disney will release dates and also you can purchase tickets for mnsshp in May. Is this correct? Want to be ready so I can get the night we wish to attend! Have a magical day!

  21. Hi Kenny – Can FastPass reservations be made for late afternoon in MK on a NSSHP ticket? We won’t be using one of our regular park tickets that day, just entering at 4pm on the party ticket. Wondering if I can book a few fastpass reservations for between 4-7 that night. Thanks so much for your expertise! Amanda

  22. I’m not sure where to put this, so I hope you see it here. Do you know when the dates for 2014 come out for the Halloween party? Also, do you have any advice for us–first party, two kids (7 & 4), don’t care much about getting candy and hopefully will do most rides we want before the party starts. Thanks for any tips!

    • Dates are usually formally released in early tickets, but we will know the September dates very soon. Click all the links in this guide to see what is all available and choose the things that are important to you. You won’t be able to do everything

  23. Kenny, I was just curious as to how soon this list will be updated for the 2013 party. Do you guys usually go to the first party?

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