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KtP Upgrading

Bad Mood t Blackhearted, Johnny Crimson, Laverne Enchante, Captain Dante & Billy Books from Dream Job 2007


Hey guys!

I’ve received amazing support from so many people over the last year and the blog has grown exponentially.

  • In January the blog saw 23,446 visitors with 113,334 views.
  • In February the blog saw 74,839 visitors with 161,986 views.
  • In March, so far, over 117,000 visitors and over 200,000 views

The blog has topped 1,000,000 views and heading toward 1,100,000!

With that growth, I felt it was time to invest in a new look for the blog.  It will allow me to add more great photos and in the future even add featured video.  The Ad that WordPress was posting was constantly causing issues with the top menu, so this design is supposed to alleviate that by placing their ads at the top of the site.  When you scroll down the page you won’t lose the top bar too!

All the content that was on the top menu is still there and all the content that was on the side bar is still there as well.  I’m working getting all the menus and widgets setup properly so some things may not be displaying fully yet, but the content is there.

I feel that this design is much cleaner and easier to use.  I hope you like the changes as I implement them all!  Thanks again for all your support.


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