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Additional features added to the blog.


To better assist those going to Walt Disney World, I’ve added Park Hours to the TOP MENU of the blog and it’s mobile friendly as well.  I’m adding “Pirate’s Pick” for the park I would choose to attend on a given day provided that I’m not using Extra Magic Hours or doing an Ultimate Tour.  I choose each park twice per week except Animal Kingdom.  On a 7 day trip, I wouldn’t visit Animal Kingdom twice.  I’ve also added “Upcoming Events” to the LEFT MENU of the blog to keep you abreast of events, refurbishments and such in a quick upcoming view.  I’ve added Disney’s California Adventure to the Character Schedules page on the TOP MENU.  I don’t yet have the schedule, just the characters and locations that you might expect to find.  I’ll continue working on that page while building a page for Disneyland as well.  Hope you like all the new additions!


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