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Limited Time Magic – EPCOT President’s Week February 18-24, 2013


Voices of Liberty, the a cappella group, is honoring Presidents Day for a limited time with musical performances at the America Gardens Theatre at Epcot. In this special presidential show—a Limited Time Magic experience—the Voices of Liberty will bring to life some inspirational moments from our nation’s history with impeccable 8-part harmonies accompanied by memorable quotes from American Presidents like Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. It’s an a cappella hail to the chiefs of our country!

I enjoy the Voices of Liberty and I’m sure they will do a nice job in a mostly empty amphitheater, but character hunters and Disney Lifestylers get to take another week off it appears!


  1. Hi Kenny, I’ve been following your site and enjoying it since a gent from the Netherlands who is seriously into characters told me about you as we were waiting in line to board the first monorail on Leap Year Day. I enjoy everything Disney and went to the Magic Kingdom for the first time in 1973. So I should know this, but I don’t. What is a “Disney Lifestyler”? Thanks.

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