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WOWZER – another clown joined the Storybook Circus


Another pleasant surprise (if you can handle clowns) in Storybook Circus is the addition of Wowzer the acrobatic, juggling clown.  After watching his 14 minute performance I left thinking his act was sort of a combination of Serveur Amusant and Sergio the Juggler from Epcot but unique in it’s own right.  Thankfully, he never used a whistle!  Those whistles in Epcot can drive me nuts.

Wowzer is 100% professional, yet has a caring and funny quality to him.  He was willing even willing to stop for photos for fans after the show.  Wowzer begins his show with a demonstration of his diablo skills.  If you think tossing the Chinese yoyo is easy, you have another thing coming.  We tried the crazy thing in China and barely got it spinning.  Wowzer is as good with this active, childlike toy as the girl performers at Cirque du Soleil in Downtown Disney.  He did the diablo act for about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes before moving to some juggling tricks.


Just juggling from the ground isn’t enough for the balancing prowess of the great Wowzer.  He builds these towers of leaning plywood that remind you of constructing a house of cards as a child.  He begins about 2 to 2 1/2 feet from the ground and moves up to about 5 feet from the ground using only 4 pieces of plywood!


Before he juggles he takes a minute or two to try to hula hoop, but ends up in the same position that I was in at my kid’s 5 year old birthday party, but there’s no pinata hanging from HIS ear.


Wowzer no adds an element of rolling back and forth on a steel tube while balanced several feet from the ground while juggling.  About this time my daughter was beginning to hate Wowzer.  Not because he isn’t talented, but because she can’t juggle.  She actually went from an A to a B in 8th grade Physical Education because she can’t juggle.  I know it’s dumb, but parents complained about the juggling curriculum for years to no avail.  I always told her, “At least you can cross circus clown off the career list.”  We awarded her as though she had earned an A for her PE that term.

Okay, back to Wowzer the clown with a actual job.  He’s now on top of that jury-rigged plywood contraption with the steel tubey thing and still smiling.  He got out of the rings without the need of the Silly Saxtet’s help.


Wowzer now calls for an audience member to throw the pins to him.  The lady acts like she is going to throw them overhand, baseball style, but Wowzer stops her in fright that she’d knock him from his precocious perch.


Said audience member goes 3 for 4 on tosses.  The first two were underhand, slow-pitch style strikes to the jester, but the 3rd pin was low and away for a ball.  She finishes him off with a 3rd strike.


As you might guess, he juggles the pins.


Is he a Michael Jordan fan from days back?  The guy can ball with the red nose AND tongue sticking out.  I wonder if he’ll ever score his own oversize clown shoe brand?


As his finale, he takes his plywood gizmo to it’s highest point, climbs aboard, then proceeds to spin a bowl and toss daggers in the air.  My mother used to tell me not to climb trees.  That could have been me!  The knives are real metal and do have a point on them, but aren’t sharp to avoid the guest helper from becoming sushi.  The bowl is real too, but there’s nothing to dangerous about a bowl, unless it’s filled with chocolate marshmallow ice cream.


Wowzer’s show was a lot of fun.  He attracted a large crowd to the two shows we enjoyed and he is very skilled in every trick he attempted.  He was entertaining and has an engaging personality as well.  There’s moments of tension balanced with moments of humor.  Wowzer’s schedule is NOT currently in the times guide but can be found here on my Magic Kingdom Show Schedule.

He was kind enough to stop for a photo.  I didn’t request an autograph, so I’m not sure if he does that.  What about you, do you plan to see Wowzer on your next visit?


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