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Poll: How many days do you spend in the Magic Kingdom Park?


I’m taking this poll to assist me in developing new Magic Kingdom itineraries that would include rides, shows and character meets for each land with as little zig-zagging and running all over the park as possible.

The question is How many days do you spend in the Magic Kingdom Park?  Not how many days do you spend in Walt Disney World, just the Magic Kingdom.

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  1. Oh, I should’ve mentioned: We’re all teens and adults. There’s my father, my self, and my two sisters, 16 and 12. So our planning tips an tricks don’t work as well if you have kids under 8 or so.

  2. We usually go opening, leave around 11 or 12, then come back around 4 to avoid crowds, and we usually leave before Wishes. That in mind, we usually do each park 2 or 3 times on long stays. If we were only going for 5 days, we’d make Epcot our repeat, and only do MK once. However, since we usually go for a week or more, we usually take 2 days to do Magic Kingdom, doing most of the Tomorrowland attractions both days. (Always hitting up Monster’s Inc, Buzz Lightyear and People Mover, and usually Space Mountain and Speedway)

  3. we have an almost 3 yr old and a 4 1/2 yr old. we do one day at AK, 1/2 day at Epcot, a night at downtown and 1 day at Hollywood… the rest is MK. We are doing 10 days in Feb, so a lot at MK. they are boys and into star wars, so Hollywood will be more popular this year…

  4. If we’re with just the little kids, we will do 4 days at the MK during an 8-day stay. In early Dec, we did arrival and departure day at MK, and then 2 days during the week as well. Then we did 2 at Epcot (or really kinda two half days) and 1 each at DHS and AK.

    If we’re with all 4 kids, we’ll still probably do 3 days at the MK and add another DHS day. My teens love that park!

  5. We don’t typically stay from opening to closing since we’re traveling with a toddler but we do tend to go back 3 different days during the week. The only trip we didn’t spend as much time was when they had just closed toontown and none of the new fantasyland attractions were open yet.

    • We always have the park hopper ticket so we go back and forth to other parks alot so we rarely stay an entire day in one specific park, but we do visit Magic Kingdom more than any of the other parks since I have a young daughter.

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