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Winnie the Pooh and Hundred Acre Wood characters to leave Hollywood Studios AND Animal Kingdom?


Rumors have it that the Hundred Acre Wood characters would be cut from both Animal Kingdom AND Hollywood Studios meet and greets.  It is known that Pooh will cease to meet at Magic of Animation after Saturday in preparation for Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope to move in late October.

If the Pooh characters do leave both parks, that would leave eeyore and piglet as being available only at The Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom.

Expect a number of changes on October 1st.


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  1. Oh no, we have Crystal Palace reservations for Oct 2nd. Do you think Pooh and Tigger will NOT be there? That’s a deal breaker for us.

  2. Actually, I believe that the Pooh characters will continue to greet guests near the Sorcerer’s Hat at Hollywood Studios in the morning like they always have. Pooh is just leaving the Animation building, since it was only a temporary relocation for him to promote his newest movie last year.

  3. Thank goodness we’ve made reservations at Crystal Palace for the end of November to guarantee seeing these characters! Thanks for the info.

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