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Where are all the Disney Photopass photographers located?

Many people have asked if I knew where all the Photopass locations are in Walt Disney World.  I really don’t have that type of information memorized and usually don’t use Photopass very often because I go so frequently.  I often ask the photographer to take our photo with our camera and only purchase a photo that is really great that I missed.  After doing some digging around, I now have a pdf document that lists Photopass locations throughout Mickey World.  With the advent of Photopass+ guests are desiring to get the most out of their privileges by taking as many photos as possible.  Perhaps this file will assist you with your planning.  I can’t certify that all locations are still active because this isn’t a recent file, but most probably are.Download the pdf file here:  photopass tips


  1. Hey Kenny,
    On our recent trip we purchased memorymaker. How long can we keep adding photos to it? I ask because my parents will be taking my daughter back to Florida and wondering if they can still scan in her magicband and add her photos to our Photopass memorymaker purchase?
    Should they take my magicband? Will that work? Or does it matter? I’m just not certain whether the system is complex enough to validate whether a day pass is linked to said magicband that was scanned to add a Photopass photo to our memorymaker. Get it?
    What do you think?
    Thanks kenny!

What do you think?

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