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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party information.



Update 8/28/12

This is usually the week that we learn what characters will be meeting for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Here’s what we know already.

Jack Sparrow
Tarzan and Jane
Cruella DeVil
Shadowman (Dr. Facilier) will definitely return this year based on all their training appearances at Epcot.

Duffy, Mickey and Minnie will receive new costumes

I would expect most of the regular characters to return again this year, but wonder if Duffy and Lotso will reappear.  I wish they would replace these with some better villain characters.  I’d rather see Foulfellow or Governor Ratcliffe than Lotso personally, but bringing out Hades and Shan Yu would really rock!

Will Flynn Rider reappear for this year’s parties or will Merida stay out for parties?

Who are you excited to see?  I’ll be at the first party providing live reports!

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