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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party information.


Update 8/28/12

This is usually the week that we learn what characters will be meeting for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Here’s what we know already.

Jack Sparrow
Tarzan and Jane
Cruella DeVil
Shadowman (Dr. Facilier) will definitely return this year based on all their training appearances at Epcot.

Duffy, Mickey and Minnie will receive new costumes

I would expect most of the regular characters to return again this year, but wonder if Duffy and Lotso will reappear.  I wish they would replace these with some better villain characters.  I’d rather see Foulfellow or Governor Ratcliffe than Lotso personally, but bringing out Hades and Shan Yu would really rock!

Will Flynn Rider reappear for this year’s parties or will Merida stay out for parties?

Who are you excited to see?  I’ll be at the first party providing live reports!

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  1. Do you have any information from the party last night? I am anexiously awaiting to hear all about it! I am going with my almost 4 year old and husband September 25!

  2. Sounds like an interesting line-up!

    When is the line-up for MVMCP usually confirmed? As far as I can tell, most posts on the topic suggest that it’ll probably be the same line-up as last year (or very similar, at least), but I’m curious when we’ll know for sure.

  3. I haven’t bought tickets yet since I’m hoping there will be *something* new character wise, but MNSSHP is my fav Disney thing, so I’ll probably crack. ;)

  4. We will be going to our first ever halloween party on Sept 14th, so I will be anxiously awaiting your report from the first party!

  5. Desperately want Lotso for my littlest – he is her all time favourite and she was gutted she wouldn’t get to meet him at DHS – so keep your fingers crossed they bring him out this year ;)
    Other than that I’d like to see more retired or rare characters and less ones that we can meet normally

  6. I heard the P& F rumor too. I heard they were going to be at TGG or Flagg pole and Duffy would be vice versa, pooh and gang near their ride. We will soon see.

    • I don’t mind Lotso as much because he’s retired, but I can see Duffy with no wait in Epcot or even in California Adventure. I like to see characters that are rare or have creative costuming. Putting a little piece of pumpking on Duffy’s head wasn’t a great costume, imo, but everyone’s different. Buzz Lightyear in standard form was quite boring to me at the party too.

  7. Thanks for the update, I’ve been checking back everyday for info. My daughter will be so dissapointed if no Flynn Rider – we are mainly hoping to meet the princes, I hope they are all back!

  8. We will be at the first party too! What is the best way to know where the characters are located? I am only interested in the ones that aren’t out for regular meet & greets. Thanks.

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