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Disney World Character Locator App


The Disney World Character Locator app is currently available for Android devices.  Free download.  Upgrade for only $1.49 to remove ads and see all the extra features.


  1. Is this only available thru the Google store (can’t use it since they switched from the old Market to the new Play thing)? I use the Amazon Appstore for Android and cannot find this.

  2. I just downloaded your app. (I also went ahead and paid the $1.99 because it’s obvious you put a lot of work into it and $2 isn’t a lot to ask in return.)

    A suggestion though. What would be really, really helpful is if you could sort which characters are around based on time.

    For example, if it’s 2pm and I’m at MK – which characters are out right now?

    As a FL resident AP, I often get to the parks later in the day because I don’t need to be there at rope drop. So it would be really helpful to be able to check which meets are either happening currently or are upcoming. So some sort of time sort would be an excellent addition.

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