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Sunday Squeeze – the Minnie Proposal (check out Mickey’s reaction)

On our recent family reunion trip, I asked my son and daughter if they would accompany me to meet Mickey and Minnie in Town Square Theater because it only had a 5 minute wait.  There was no one else in the room with us when we met them, so we had some time to talk and interact.  I asked Mickey when he was going to get around to proposing to Minnie.  Mickey gave me the money symbol and Minnie was pointing to Mickey and then to her empty ring finger.I told Mickey he better move quickly or my 13 year old son might make a move on Minnie.  She is attractive and has a great personality after all.  Now, you have to understand that my son doesn’t usually interact much with the female characters right now.  I knew this, so I didn’t want to overly embarrass him or put him on the spot too much.  Little did I know that he would drop to one knee and offer a proposal pose to Minnie!   I thought the proposal pose was priceless, but didn’t notice Mickey’s awesome reaction to the pose.  The photo that I took below didn’t turn out as well as the Photopass photographer’s picture, so I had to break down and purchase the photo above, which is very rare for me!

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