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Did Belle and Beast file for separation?


Epcot is testing by dividing Belle and Beast this week.  They are meeting in France, but separate times.  We’ll see how the test turns out.

(source TubaGeek wdwmagic)


  1. I think it might be nice to have them separate. As it is now, it is almost impossible to catch Beast without waiting in a long line because he always (I believe) joins Belle after she’s already out greeting. If they were separate, seems like this would make it possible to meet Beast with a short line at his first meet of the day.

  2. Maybe they are just trying it to thin the line out some. Personally I would prefer the pic with them together. We actually had a chance to get Belle by herself then later with Belle and Beast. In the afternoon their line was definitely long. I was glad I got them earlier.

  3. Have to agree with Desiree above. Don’t like the fact that the Beast wouldn’t be signing even by proxy. We always try to time it to get the both of them together. Here’s to hoping the trial separation doesn’t work and their union remains in tact!

  4. Given your post on which characters can’t sign autographs, this would mean that “Belle signing for Beast” would no longer work. Bummer.

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