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Evening Extra Magic Hours reduced from 3 down to 2 hours


“We’re now offering you less magic for more money.”  Okay, that’s not a quote from anyone, except me, but that’s what will begin taking place beginning January 1, 2013.  Since the program began Walt Disney World has offered at least 1 park open 1 hour early or 3 hours late each day.  The 1 hour early Morning Extra Magic Hour will continue, but the Evening Extra Magic hours will be reduced to only 2 hours.  I’ve personally LOVED 3 extra hours at Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  I find the EMH at Hollywood Studios difficult to enjoy as greatly.  Last year WDW eliminated Animal Kingdom Evening Extra Magic Hours all together and instead offered an additional day with a Morning EMH.  With record attendance and increased revenue from increased prices on tickets, food and merchandise and numerous cuts in entertainment and characters, one is left to wonder what is going on in the Mouse House.

This is directly from the Walt Disney World website“Each day, one of the 4 Walt Disney World theme parks opens one hour early or remains open up to 2 hours after regular closing time”


  1. Personally, I think the reason for this cut is so that the maintenance crews can have more time to check up on the parks and make sure the attractions are a-okay before the next day begins.

    • That’s a very optimistic attitude, but keeping 3 parks open one hour each per week longer didn’t greatly affect the maintenance schedule, but it does save them a lot of money across an entire year to close early.

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    • This is really too bad. I’ve found with previous evening EMH’s that it is really the last 3rd hour where you can walk onto anything and it really feels like you’ve rented the park. I wonder if a 2 hour EMH will entice families with young children to stay for the entire EMH whereas before they would not even attempt it.

      • Nate, that is most likely the reason for cutting that extra hour.
        If the park is empty then they aren’t making money on merchandise and vending.

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