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@waltdisneyworld cast members rock!



We stopped in to City Hall to get a button to commemorate Debbie’s 68 character meets in one day and the wonderful cast member Alan did some magic and presented her with her favorite character!¬† That’s the kind of magic that brings us back!!


  1. Disney is the place where magic happens. We were there this past Oct and my nephews mon wanted to get him something from the “briar patch” store side his name is Bryar. He ended up picking out a goofy hat. They went to pay for it and the CM ended up giving him the hat for being named Bryar.

    This is the reson I live going to Disney.

  2. You hit the nail square on the head, Kenny. It’s not just the PLACE when you go to Walt Disney World. Magic doesn’t create itself. It takes people. Specifically “cast members who rock.” That’s what has been keeping me coming back since 1974.

    I just got back from a trip and already have the next one booked.

    “See ‘ya Real Soon!”

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