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4 Park Character Locator Challenge

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Today we are setting off on our first ever 4 park character challenge.  We have met every character in the Magic Kingdom in one operating day a couple of times, we’ve done Ultimate tours in all the parks and we’ve attempted every moving ride in 4 parks, but this is our first 4 park character excursion. So, my 8 year old and I get to set the rules for the challenge that hopefully others will aspire to and become listed on the site with other charcter challenges we devise.


You must email me before the date of your attempt in order to get credit for your effort.

1. The characters must have appeared in an official Disney / Pixar / Star Wars production.
Characters such as Streetmosphere, Main Street Citizens, iCan or Norway Vikings do not count.  Multiple of the same character like Stormtroopers or Jawas only count as one of each.
2. You may only count unique characters met. If you meet them in different costumes, it doesn’t add anything to your total.
3. You must wait in all queues as a team. No one is allowed to leave the line to fetch items or take restroom breaks. No line jumping or line holding.
4. You must appear in all photos together in the same clothing all day.  No change of clothes allowed.
5. You may use Fastpass, but it must be according to Disney rules with 3 advance Fastpass and extra ones obtained using only your ticket(s)
6. You must share screenshot of all Fastpass used throughout the day.
7. You may include characters met at a meal,  but must include a photo of your receipt to prove you paid to eat there.
8. Use of Extra Magic Hours is okay
9. Use of Halloween or Christmas parties is okay
10. You must meet Mickey in at least one park.
11. You must meet at least 1 character in each of the 4 parks.
12. Each meet photo must be shared on Twitter with #WDWCLC @thepiratekenny on each post.  Example 1. Pluto #WDWCLC @thepiratekenny
13.  You may not use a private Twitter account
14. You must provide the time you completed the challenge.
15. Your attempt must be on a single operating day.
16. Dance parties do not count.
17. Photos must be taken by another person. “Selfies” do not count.

How many different characters can you meet in one day.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.