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The Sunday Squeeze #1 – Ahhh Stitch!

My youngest daughter, who was 2 at the time, was on her first trip to Walt Disney World with us. I’ve always been a bit of a commando style tourist, trying to take in every moment possible, so I had probably exhausted my daughter by mid-afternoon. My daughter was excited to meet Stitch in the old Timekeeper building. The line took about 10 minutes because the Incredibles were at the end of the same line. With my wife holding her in her arms, my daughter fell asleep in the line.  When it was time to meet Stitch he didn’t want to wake her. He instructed us to pose as though we all were sleeping on the floor. When we stood up to say goodbye; she awoke and reached her arms toward Stich. My wife lifted her up to meet him and with the softest, sweetest voice she said, “Ahhhh Stitch!” and proceeded to kiss him on the nose. It was a very endearing moment for us all. Too bad she only knows of it from the photo.

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