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New Refurbishments Scheduled for Disney Resorts

There are some scheduled resort refurbishments on the horizon. Find details about what we will be closed and when below.

New Refurbishment for Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

The Most Magical Place on Earth is gearing up for a big 50th anniversary celebration! In order to get the parks in...

News: Another Magic Kingdom icon is being refurbished ahead of the...

As Walt Disney World readies the Resort for the 50th anniversary celebration starting this fall, we are seeing many parts of Disney...

New Refurbishment Scheduled for Disney World’s All Star Movies

All Star Movies is the only All Star Resort that is currently open at Disney World. Guests will need to be aware...

New Refurbishment Scheduled for Animal Kingdom Lodge

A portion of Animal Kingdom Lodge is scheduled for refurbishment. Full details on what will be closed and when can be found...