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New Updates for Main Street U.S.A. Refurbishments at Disney World

Main Street Confectionary is closing soon for refurbishment, creating a domino effect of other shops on Main Street and around the park....

Is this Magic Kingdom Attraction Truly Back from Refurbishment?

Refurbishments continue to be a needed, but dreaded word, around the Disney Parks. Check out the refurbished attraction that was scheduled...

This Animal Kingdom attraction will be closing for refurbishment in March

From time to time, Walt Disney World's attractions will need to close for refurbishment. Find out which Animal Kingdom attraction will...

New Refurbishment in Magic Kingdom Is Missing Pixie Dust

Refurbishments are a common occurrence around the Walt Disney World Parks. The newest refurbishment in Magic Kingdom is not only unsightly...

Photos and Video of the Return of Liberty Square Riverboat and...

The Liberty Square Riverboat and Tom Sawyer rafts are back! After a lengthy refurbishment, check out these photos and video of the...