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Disney CEO Bob Chapek Buys a New Multi-Million Dollar Home

When one is the CEO of a multi-billion company such as Disney, a nice house comes with the territory. Bob Chapek...

Large Dose of Pixie Dust Now Coming to Small Businesses from...

In light of our current news reels, it is a joy to share that "There is a great big beautiful tomorrow" for...

Bob Iger’s Next Step Now Announced as he moves on

Bob Iger served as CEO for the Walt Disney Company for over a decade. Find out what his next step may...

U.S. Senator Asks Disney CEOs For Explanation on Massive Layoffs

Let's face it, this year has not be easy for anyone. We have seen everything change in the blink of an eye...

Disney CEO Leaves Task Force While New Layoffs Affect Disneyland

As Disneyland remains closed, Disneyland Unions announce more layoffs of key Cast Members. Find out Governor Newsom's response as former Disney...