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Magic Kingdom Map

Kenny the Pirate’s Magic Kingdom Map with rides, shopping, dining and character locations

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KennythePirate Disney World Character Locator

Directions to print this map:

  1. Click the map below for full size image.
  2. Save the image to your computer.
  3. Open image from your Download folder and click print.

Magic Kingdom Character Location Map KennythePirate


  1. When I try to download the map it just takes me to a link to sign up for something. Are we not able to download the map anymore. I have followed the instructions listed above. I have a Dell thanks in advance for your help

  2. The only “new” map I can click and see and print with updates is AK. The other three come up blank when I click to make them bigger. Just to let you know, I’m using chrome as a browser. Thanks for all the awesome info.

    • I have no problem viewing all of them on Chrome on my laptop. Do you have some kind of ad blocker running and did you try the PDF files?

  3. Hi! I can’t get your map to blow up bigger when I click on it :( Thanks for all you do! I am currently planning our first trip staying on the property and I have been looking through your website daily for different tips and tricks.

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