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KtP’s Extreme Challenge

KtP’s Extreme Challenge

KtP’s Extreme Challenge is the opportunity to experience as many attractions as possible in a single day in a given theme park. It’s not for the faint of heart or those who wish to have relaxed dining experiences. It can be experienced by families or solo competitors. Can you ride every ride, see every show, and meet as many characters as possible? Give the Extreme Challenge a try!


We determine our list of available attractions from the main Disney websites under the Attractions and Entertainment tab. Some things like animal spotting have been condensed because you may or may not locate a given animal, but the area they should appear is permanent.

For your Extreme Challenge attempt to be considered complete, you must experience all available required attractions. If an attraction is not scheduled for that given day, take a screenshot of that from the Disney app and post it to your account.

Optional Attractions:

You are not required to spend additional money after purchasing park admission. You may choose to experience attractions that cost additional money, such as Frontierland Shooting Gallery in the Magic Kingdom and Fossil Fun Games. We do not require them.

To be required, a character must meet indoors with a consistent, unbroken schedule. Characters that take breaks are not required but may be experienced as optional. You are not required to collect autographs or promotional cards that are sometimes distributed by character attendants.

To be required, a show must offer daily schedules. Shows that only operates a few days per week are considered optional.

Every character meet will count. However, if you meet multiple characters together (like Mickey & Minnie in Animal Kingdom or Tigger and Pooh in Magic Kingdom, you only count that once. You may not meet the same character more than once per attempt, even if they are wearing a different overlay (costume). Character dining experiences do NOT count.

Photo Requirements:

Every photo must reflect your entire group. There is no splitting up to experience different attractions or character meets.

You must take a time-stamped selfie on each ride. If you fail to take a photo, you’ll need to repeat the attraction to receive credit.

You must take a time-stamped selfie at the beginning and end of every entertainment offering like parades, stage shows, and small entertainment acts. This provides proof that you experienced the entire offering.

You may take time-stamped selfies with characters or have someone else take the photo for you. Don’t rely on Photopass photos, use your device. If you take a selfie with a character, it must be close to the character. No distanced photos will be allowed.

Posting Requirements:

You must have a publicly viewable account on the platform. Post each attraction’s requirement as you complete the attraction. Be sure to pay attention to the requirement!


You are not required to provide screenshots of Lightning Lanes, Individual Lightning Lanes, or DAS service. You may use any of those that you desire.


Rankings are determined by the total number of attractions experienced and the total time that is required. You MUST experience all required attractions to qualify for the Wall of Fame. The time starts with your first time-stamped photo and ends with your last one.

Early Entry and Extended Evening Hours:

You are not required to use these Disney onsite offerings. If you choose to use them, your attempt will be scored on that specific table.

Special Event Tickets:

You are not required to purchase event tickets like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, Mickey’s Boo Bash, After Hours or After Dark events. If you choose to use them, and you complete the required attractions, you’ll be placed on a special table.

How to find accurate schedules in advance:

I recommend subscribing to Character Locator and using the Extreme Touring Plan for your given park choice. It not only provides an accurate list of attractions but also provides current schedules that are updated weekly as needed. It’s also a great way to track your progress.


  • You may not use a VIP tour guide
  • No family or friends may hold your place in line
  • No violating park rules
  • You cannot use a private account on It must be a public account.

Extreme Challenge Attraction Lists

Other parks will be added in the future.

Extreme Challenge Wall of Fame


You must sign up on the small form on the Challenge page you desire. We require that all photos must be posted as you complete each attraction on the platform.

Be sure to tag (@thepiratekenny) and use the appropriate hashtag for your Extreme Challenge

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