Disney's Hollywood Studios Touring Plans with character meets and rides

Hollywood Studios Touring Plans

KennythePirate’s Hollywood Studios Touring Plans

These Character Locator Hollywood Studios Touring Plans are designed to help you Play More and Wait Less!  Many include character meet and greets.  I’ve tried to make the prep process of touring WDW as easy as possible, especially for those on their first visit.  You can even use my tool to create your own plans!

Hollywood Studios ADRENALINE Plan

Hollywood Studios Characters ONLY with 8:00am opening 

Hollywood Studios Characters ONLY with 9:00am opening 

Hollywood Studios EXTREME Touring Plan with a 9:00am opening 

Hollywood Studios EXTREME Touring Plan with an 8:00 am opening and closing at least 9:30 PM 

Hollywood Studios LATE Extra Magic Hours Plan 

Hollywood Studios List of Major Attractions to build your own plan 

Hollywood Studios Plan for Little Children 

Hollywood Studios Rides without Fastpass 

Perfect Star Wars Day Plan 

Two Day Hollywood Studios Touring Plan with Characters and Rides: Day 1 

Two Day Hollywood Studios Touring Plan with Characters and Rides: Day 2

30 thoughts on “Hollywood Studios Touring Plans”

  1. I’m traveling in January 2016 and want to book the Fantasmic Dinner Package. Currently they are not booking beyond January 3rd. I call and asked “Why?”… I was told by a cast member that Disney is making changes to the program. Any insight?

  2. do you have a frozen fun touring plan with the summer stuff going on yet? I thought I had seen it once but can’t find it now. Thanks

  3. 61 things in a day… wow! Because of the variety of ages of our kids (3, 4, 7, 11, 13), I really want to do most of the shows and rides. Do you have a schedule for how you fit it all in?

  4. We’re going to WDW in October. My husband and I are taking our 5 kids ages 3, 4, 6, 11, & 13. I have all my dining done, working now on touring plans. Is there any way to get park maps mailed to me so I can have them going in? Also, is it possible to know showtimes now for October (things like Disney Jr Live, Jedi Training, etc)? I’m excited to see your HS plan! Thanks so much!

    1. Just use my MAPS, they are much better. October is too far our to know show schedules, but those things don’t change much.

  5. We will be spending 2 afternoons/evenings In HS on April 26 and 27. I know it’s best to catch popular characters at their first meets of the day, but that’s not an option. Will characters from Monsters Inc, Toy Story, and Big Hero 6 still have super long lines if we show up before their scheduled meets?

  6. Do I have to use one of my 3 FP on a Star Wars Show or do I get separate FP for Star Wars events? and when will Star Wars Show Times be announced for 2015 ?

  7. I just read your FB post about there being pretty much no advantage to using the Frozen Sing Along FP+, and I’m wondering if I should adjust my FP+ selections for our trip in late April with daughters 2 & 6. We’ll be spending two afternoons/evenings at HS. The first evening will be focused on catching shows and characters w/ no scheduled FP+. The 2nd evening we have FP+ for Toy Story, Frozen, and Star Tours. My 6 y.o. will be tall enough for ToT, but I think it’s probably too scary for her. So, I chose to use that FP+ for Frozen. Would you recommend changing it to ToT on the off chance that she may want to try it? Just wondering

  8. I’ve been using your touring plans to create my family’s itinerary for our trip in 6 weeks. Do you have a plan for HS yet?! I am sure you’re tired of being asked this… But you’re the only one we trust!

  9. Hi Kenny! Been using these touring plans to plan our Disney honeymoon. Everyone has been scaring us about how bad the crowds will be, and using your touring plans that have been tested on busy days, I feel a LOT better. (Especially since there are only a few characters that I absolutely must meet!) do you think you’ll have a touring plan with rides for HS up soon?

  10. Thanks for the reply! How long you think the line will be at TSM after we do Buzz and Woody? I am a little surprised that this would be the better option but grateful for the tip.

    1. If you are among the first to meet Buzz n Woody, you’ll likely wait about 15 minutes, but the posted wait will be much higher.

  11. Hi Kenny.

    Great site! I will be visiting WDW with my 9 year old son and going to HS on Monday December 1 and arrivingat 8:15. He wants to do rides and characters and I have two potential morning plans. I will do 1.5 days here due to Osborne lights, characters, shows and Fantasmic! On this second day we plan on doing Toy Story with FP, Animation characters and either OL or Fantasmic.

    1. Toy Story Mania standby
    2. Buzz and Woody Meet right after
    3. Meet Characters at Hat
    4. TOT with FP
    5. Rock n Roller Coaster with FP
    6. Indiana Jones
    7. lunch
    8. Star tors with FP
    9. Rest of park

    OR we can avoid the mad dash to Toy Story and do that on the second day.

    1. Buzz and Woody Meet
    2. Phieaus and Ferb meet
    3. Meet Characters at Hat
    4. TOT with FP
    5. Rock n Roller Coaster with FP
    6. Indiana Jones
    7. lunch
    8. Star tors with FP
    9. Rest of park

    Which would you choose?

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