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Refurbishment Scheduled for This Popular Disney Hotel

Refurbishment Scheduled for This Popular Disney Hotel

Even though we all know that refurbishments need to happen, nobody likes it when they happen during their own Disney vacation. A refurbishment is scheduled to start at this popular Disney hotel this month.

Hotel Refurbishment Schedule

Credit: Maggie

Occasionally, our favorite attractions, restaurants, and even sections of hotels are closed for a minor or sometimes major refurbishment. These refurbishments can sometimes greatly affect your vacation.

Refurbishments are necessary to keep the hotels, attractions, and other experiences running at their best.

This summer seems to be a popular time for hotel refurbishments as Walt Disney World has notified Guests staying at POP Century that the Everything POP Food Court will close for a refurbishment starting July 29th. All Star Movies Guests received a similar email. However, that refurbishment will be shorter.

All Star Sports Refurbishment

All Star Sports Building
Credit: Donna

Disney has shared with Guests that Disney’s All Star Sports Resort will undergo a refurbishment this summer. Sport Goofy Gifts and Sundries will be refurbished from July through September.

Sport Goofy Gifts and Sundries will undergo a refurbishment from July through September.

The store will not close and remain partially open so Guests will still be able to shop and purchase items. However, it is important to note that Guests may see and hear construction during their visit.

What Does This Mean For You?

Photo Credit: Disney

With any refurbishment happening at your hotel, it is important to consider how much this will affect you. This refurbishment seems minimal as the shop will still be open for business. If you do not want to shop here, you could venture over to either All Star Music or All Star Movies, which are only a short walk, and shop in their gift shops!

Even with the refurbishment taking place, All Star Sports is a great choice when visiting Disney! The rooms have been recently refurbished, too! Be sure to check out the updated rooms HERE.

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Monday 8th of July 2024

Uh Oh !

Here comes the touchscreen ordering fiasco !

Probably have to cook your own micro-meal yourself soon as well.

Or "reimagined" paper plates that magically shrink from 9 inches in diameter to 6 ! ( At magically increased prices )

What a treat ! Added to the all you can drink carbonated water with some syrup that gives it a flavor of some sort of soda ?

A RESORT ? R I G H T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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