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Disney Drastically Cuts Even More Park Entertainment

Disney Drastically Cuts Even More Park Entertainment

One of the biggest things that sets Disney Parks apart from the others is great characters and entertainment. After the first round, another round of drastic cuts will affect your next visit to this Disney Park.

Previous Cutbacks

Credit: Disney

There is so much to see and experience at the Disney Parks and the many immersive experiences allow you to truly step into your favorite Disney films. One Disney Park continues to announce several cutbacks for popular entertainment.

At California Adventure, Pixar Fest is in full force. Unfortunately, Club Pixar has altered a bit with the removal of the DJ and dancers. You can read more about this change HERE.

Avenger’s Campus makes changes as well with the end date for the very popular Dr. Strange: Mysteries of the Mystic Arts is found in the Ancient Sanctum. Be sure to check the final showtimes for this show HERE.

New Cutbacks

Final Showtimes Announced for Disney Show
Credit: Monica

Many times entertainment offerings may see cutbacks during more quiet months, but these big cutbacks come during the peak summer season. Today, Disney shared that more changes are coming to Avenger’s Campus.

In July, Warriors of Wakanda: The Disciplines of the Dora Milaje will have reduced showtimes. On previous visits, these shows were filled with eager fans. These decreased showtimes are a definite disappointment.

Along with this change, the Citizens of Buena Vista Street will only be offered on certain days of the week. The Citizens of Buena Vista Street offers so much “streetmosphere” that makes this park feel like Hollywood.

What you need to know

The Food and Wine Festival Returns to Disney's California Adventure
Photo Credit: Disney

If you have a trip planned to Disneyland and California Adventure, be sure to check your My Disney Experience the day you visit for current showtimes. Disney does not explain these entertainment cuts.

Regarding Club Pixar, Disney stated this change was based on guest feedback. The other shows affected had great guest turnout. It seems that guest feedback cannot be the answer for so many cutbacks.

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Thursday 13th of June 2024

This is puzzling to me. I am a retired business executive, so I fully understand the need for profitability. The Parks and the Cruise Line are carrying the greatest contribution to Disney's profitability right now, given the lackluster performance of Disney's creative releases lately. I do not know why Disney is lessening the value of the products generating the most profits, i.e. The Parks. A wiser choice would be to cut back on the political agenda in creative content and all support staff that champions it internally, and thereby improve the likablity of new releases and win back parents and grandparents that no longer trust Disney movies and shows enough to allow their young family to watch a new Disney product without pre-screening. Most families worried about new Disney content are just staying away.

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