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Universal Changes One New Ride’s Name Over Trademark Issues

Universal Changes One New Ride’s Name Over Trademark Issues

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Changes are already brewing for Epic Universe. One ride has already had to be switched up due to trademark infringement, and here are the results.

Epic Universe

Epic Universe Merch
Credit: Kate

Theme park enthusiasts are excitedly awaiting the opening of Universal Orlando’s state-of-the-art theme park Epic Universe. Epic Universe promises to be a delightful blend of immersion, nostalgia, and FUN.

The park does not open until the summer of 2025, and it MAY open even sooner. However, Universal is giving everyone a chance at an in-person preview that you can read about HERE.

And, they are releasing information about the park land-by-land to give visitors a peek at all that awaits. You can read about How to Train Your Dragon: Isle of Berk HERE. Check out Super Nintendo World HERE.

Trademark Turmoil

Stardust racers EPIC UNIVERSE
Credit: Universal

Of course, there have undoubtedly been some hiccups here and there. For example, Universal recently switched up the name of one of the attractions announced for Celestial Park in Epic Universe.

A roller coaster called Starfall Racers was planned and announced for Celestial Park. However, this name posed a bit of a problem.

When Universal applied to Trademark this name, it struck a bad chord with the nonprofit Starfall Education Foundation. Now there is a lawsuit that claims that Universal misappropriated the name.

Starfall is a company known for producing educational products for building early math and reading skills that make the work feel like play. The kids in your life may have played their games on the computer or on an app.


Credit: Universal

Universal filed a new trademark application for the name Stardust Racers. And, now the coaster is being referred to as Stardust Racers anywhere it is mentioned on Universal’s website.

Regardless of its name, the coaster sounds exciting. It is meant to simulate a ride across the cosmos on a shooting star! This dual-launch coaster will reach incredible speeds up to 62 mph and climb to heights up to 133 feet along 5,000 feet of track. Riders will also sace along an inverted crisscross, known as the “Celestial Spin” in a dazzling display of blazing colors and ethereal music.

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