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Everything You Need to Know about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Disney World

Everything You Need to Know about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Disney World

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Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is a new attraction/retheme in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom. We have all the details regarding the storyline, what (and who) to look out for, how to ride it, and more.


Here are the Dates for Tiana's Bayou Adventure Passholder Previews
Credit: Disney

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens on June 28, 2024. It will pick up where the movie left off: with Tiana’s success! We will see what Tiana’s life looks like now with a successful restaurant. Disney puts it this way:

At a young age, Tiana developed a deep passion for cooking, and began to dream of one day owning her own business. Her father, James, taught her that good food brings folks together. One of the most exciting parts of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is that we’re going to see where Tiana’s life has taken her following the success of Tiana’s Palace, a restaurant she had dreamed of owning and worked so hard to make come true.

Tiana invites us to a Mardi Gras party as a thank you for all the help she has received. When it turns out there’s been a bit of a mix–up with the party preparations, Tiana invites us to meet her at Tiana’s Foods to help with the missing ingredient for the party.

Tiana transformed an old salt mine into a space where she can grow crops and herbs for her food. The queue will showcase how she continues to grow her business with Tiana’s Foods. For example, the barn will serve as the main office. While you are in the queue, you will hear an “old timey radio show” with songs performed by New Orleans musicians. Additionally, the loading station will also feature cranes lifting up Tiana’s Foods crates.


New Characters Revealed For Tiana's Bayou Adventure
Credit: Disney

Throughout the ride, there will be several fun elements. Various critter friends will appear after that first drop into the indoor portion of the ride. There will also be nods to Splash Mountain throughout the attraction.

We are most excited about the audio-animatronics that will be used for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure! These are similiar to the ones created for Frozen Ever After in Hong Kong. They are the most technologically advanced animatronics Disney Imagineers have created. They will talk to us throughout the ride!

Be on the lookout for Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen, Louis, Mama Odie, Eudora, Charlotte, and Ralphie plus all the critters!

How to Ride

Will Tiana's Bayou Adventure Affect Other Virtual Queues?
Credit: Disney

First, you must be 40″ tall to ride Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Rider Swap will be available like other attractions. This is great as young children really love popular IP attractions.

However, it won’t be enough to just simply get in line when it opens. When Tiana’s Bayou Adventure first opens, a virtual queue will be in place. Guests can join this queue at 7:00 am or 1:00 pm. With the initial opening, a standby line will not be in place. Once the buzz dies down, Disney anticipates moving to a traditional standby line.

So far, Disney has not posted this ride as part of Extended Evening Hours at Magic Kingdom. If it is part of the lineup, a third virtual queue will open at 6:00 pm for qualifying Guests.

Entire Land Will Close as Disney Includes More of the Princess and the Frog
Credit: Kate

In addition, you can purchase Genie+ and select a return time to ride (if available…we anticipate this attraction to be the first ride to “sell out”). We recommend selecting this as your first return time if you are set on riding. If you want to ride at night (which it looks really cool at night!), you can always modify your return time throughout the day to push it back (if available).

If you have the option to, we recommend both options. With the virtual queue/standby line, it will be neat to see the queue line and all the new elements. We anticipate the queue line to be worth the wait!


Tiana's Bayou Adventure Will Likely Open By This Date
Credit: Disney

You will be able to find merchandise for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Critter Co-op will take over the old Splash Mountain gift shop. We imagine there will be a lot of critter plushies. In addition, an exit gift shop will also be available. Tiana’s Bayou General appears to offer housewares, dry goods, and more.

Beignets will stick around for a limited time at Friar’s Nook and and Golden Oak Outpost. If Disney does not feature some kind of quick-service or snack cart for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, we at least hope the beignets will be a permanent snack option.

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