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New Series will Explore how Disney Built America

New Series will Explore how Disney Built America

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Fans of Disney history and nostalgia will want to tune in to this new series airing soon! Rarely seen archival footage and exclusive interviews with Disney Legends discovery how Disney’s brand is woven into America.

New Series

Big Upgrade for the Disneyland Resort is Coming Soon
Credit: Monica

I don’t know about you, but I love learning about the history of The Walt Disney Company. Everything about how the parks were built to ways Disney continues to bring innovation and creativty is so fascinating.

A new series will focus on how the Disney brand is a worldwide and cultural phenomenon. Disney is a household name, and we will learn even more about the parks, animation, and technology!

“Each hour-long episode focuses on a different example of game-changing brilliance in Disney’s history including inventing the world’s most recognizable characters, creating the animated features industry, revolutionizing the concept of merchandising, and using groundbreaking engineering to construct Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and beyond.”

More Details

Credit: Kate

In addition to rarely seen archival footage, viewers will hear from Imagineer Bob Gurr, a direct hire from Walt! He developed over 100 designs for Disney attractions.

He has a unique insight into the unique innovations and struggles involved in realizing the dreams of a visionary.

Key interviews from Don Wildman, Margaret Kerrison, Douglas Brinkley, Mindy Johnson, and more will shed even more light on the brand and how it has become an integral part of America.

Where and When to Watch

Disney World's Main Street USA Will Look Different Soon!
Credit: Maggie

“How Disney Built America” will debut on the History Channel on April 28, 2024. The first episode is titled “The Birth of Mickey” and the second is titled “Dawn of the Animated Blockbuster.”

If you love Disney history, you will definitely want to tune in. Interested in other nostalgic pieces of Disney history? Check out my tour of Walt Disney’s birthplace home HERE!

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