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One New Disney Remake Has Earned High Ratings

One New Disney Remake Has Earned High Ratings

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Disney’s reboots and remakes are frequently met with mixed reactions from critics and fans alike. However, one has finally struck a chord in the best way! We have the whole story for you here.

Remakes and Reboots

New X-Men Series Disney
Credit: Disney+

It is true that Disney’s reboots and remakes have not fared consistently well with audiences. In fact, remakes can be downright polarizing. For example, remakes like Haunted Mansion and The Little Mermaid underperformed at the box office.

But one new Disney+ reboot seems to have gotten it right! Critics and audiences alike are raving over it.

X-Men ’97

Credit: Disney

X-Men ’97 takes fans on a journey to revisit the iconic era of the 1990s when The X-Men, a band of mutants used their uncanny gifts to protect a world that hates and fears them! And, so far, it has been well-received.

In fact, it is so well-loved that it shot up to a rare perfect score on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomoatometer! And, audiences have rated it at 92%.

Of course, this score is subject to change as time passes. Still, it is off to a strong start so far, which is great news for both Disney+ and Marvel. In fact, critic Korey Coleman even calls it a “gift to fans of the original show.”

What Did X-Men ’97 Get Right

A New X-Men Series is Coming to Disney
Credit: Disney+

Perhaps X-Men ’97 has been well received because unlike many reboots, this is an extension of the series that invokes nostalgia for fans of the original 90’s series. It does not alter the story; rather, it builds on what already existed.

In fact, the series starts where the original show left off and continues the story from there. Even better, it maintains the original style of the show.

Credit: Disney+

Of course, there is still plenty of show to go. But, if it finishes as strongly as it started, it is sure to leave audiences hoping for more episodes to stream!

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