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Did You Know About This Norway Secret in Epcot?

Did You Know About This Norway Secret in Epcot?

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Walt Disney World is filled with popular experiences, but it is the thoughtful details that make the trip even MORE magical. Here is one rare Walt Disney World experience that almost no one knows about. Find out how you and your travel party can enjoy this little secret.

Disney Secrets

Credit: Kate

Walt Disney World is filled with popular attractions that draw huge crowds. Often, people go to Disney with a wishlist of must-do experiences that includes e-ticket attractions like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance or Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

But often the best memories Guests return home with are made of the unexpected details that delight our hearts. From hidden Mickeys to magic hidden in plain sight, Disney is filled with secrets such as these.

You might know about some of Disney’s best secrets. For example, did you know you can ride Cinderella’s own special horse when you head to Prince Charming Regal Carrousel in the Magic Kingdom? You can read about it HERE! But the secrets don’t stop there.

Epcot Secrets

Credit: KtP

One of EPCOT’s best-kept secrets resides in World Showcase. It is an experience so elusive that only up to 365 families or travelers get to participate each year! (Plus an extra on leap year).

If you want to experience it, you will have to head over to Norway! There, you will find a life-sized troll statue in a shop called The Fjording. It is the one that connects to the exit of Frozen Ever After.

The Troll’s Secret

Credit: Kate

You have probably passed right by the troll dozens of times without even realizing it was more than a decoration. You may have even posed for a picture or two! But next time you see him, you will know his secret!

This special Disney World character is actually known as the “forgetful troll.” Legend has it that each night he comes to life. But when the sun comes up, he forgets everything, even his own name!

Every day, one Guest or family gets to pick a new name for the troll! If you want to name the troll, you must be the first family or Guest to ask!

Credit: Kate

Then, the Cast Members write the Troll’s new name on a special certificate along with the name of the family who selected it and the place where they live. For the rest of the day, if anyone asks a Cast Member the troll’s name, that is the name they share all day. The story begins again the next day!

My own travel party was delighted when we asked the troll’s name, and the Cast Member said, “He does not have one yet!” Selecting one for him was a special little touch of Disney magic! The kids giggled about it all day.

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