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Genie+ Sells Out at This Park for the First Time Ever

Genie+ Sells Out at This Park for the First Time Ever

Genie+ is a must when battling heavy holiday crowds this week. We had a feeling this park would sell out. It just so happens it sold out for the first time ever today.


Is the high price for Genie+ worth it with insane wait times?
Credit: Susan

Genie+ is a paid feature that offers convenience and flexibility to help you save time in line. Here is the shortened version: for $15+ per person per day at Disney World and $20+ per person per day at Disneyland, choose the next available time to arrive at a variety of attractions and experiences using the Lightning Lane entrance.

You can choose to use the standby line instead of purchasing Genie+. In doing so, Disney is not forcing you to pay for this feature. You can make one selection at a time all throughout the day. 40+ attractions are included at Walt Disney World and 15+ attractions are available at Disneyland.

Read our full guide to Genie+ HERE.

Busy Holiday Week

Holiday Decor Begins to Arrive at Disney World
Credit: Maggie

There is no doubt about it. Walt Disney World can get BUSY. When you add major holidays to it, it gets even busier.

And, when you add in THE biggest week of the year, you can expect long waits and high prices for tickets, hotels, and yes, Genie+. The weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year are always the busiest.

And, as we continue on in this very crowded time of year, Genie+ is creeping up as well. You can read about how Disney Guests are paying the highest prices for Genie+ EVER in this post.

Sold Out

What you need to know about changes to Fantasmic! and park hours at Hollywood Studios
Credit: KtP

Hollywood Studios is “sold out” for Genie+ today, December 27. That is the first time this park has ever sold out. This also means the Multiple Parks option is also no longer unavailable to purchase.

What does this mean for your trip? Well, if you are planning to visit Hollywood Studios today and you have not purchased Genie+ yet, you can expect to wait in some very long lines. For example, Slinky Dog Dash currently has a standby wait of 200 minutes.

If you plan to park hop, we hope you have already purchased your Multiple Parks option! And, as always, we recommend purchasing Genie+ first thing in the day during these busy times.

Photos: Holiday Decor Goes Up at Hollywood Studios
Credit: KtP

If you need help planning your Disney vacation and learning the ins and outs of Genie+, I’m here to help! Please fill out this form and put my name (Monica) in the Special Request box.

Are you at Disney World this week? Did you miss out on buying Genie+ for Hollywood Studios? Let us know in the comments, and share this post with a friend who is visiting this week!

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Wednesday 27th of December 2023

I am a huge Disney fan … however … you couldn’t pay me to be in Disney this week.

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