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Another Disappointing Delay For Disney’s Boardwalk

Another Disappointing Delay For Disney’s Boardwalk

Are you a Disney foodie? Disney now announced an opening update for Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs. What do you think of this opening timeline?

Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs

Credit: Donna

Those guests visiting Disneyland have a few more dining options than guests on the East Coast. One of the favorite dining locations is the Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs.

At Disneyland, Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs offers two locations at both Downtown Disney and also at Disneyland Resort. This past JulyBlue Ribbon Corn Dogs announced that they were expanding to Disney’s Boardwalk.

Their new location will reside in the former Boardwalk To Go stand. But what is the real hype over Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs? You need to check our review of this unique quick service option HERE.

Opening Update

Credit: Donna

An official opening date was not been announced other than “later this year.” Many Disney fans on the East Coast were overjoyed by this news. As we head into December, “later this year” is quickly approaching.

For several months after this announcement, the Boardwalk To Go stand remained unaltered. Within the past couple of weeks, in true Disney fashion, moveable shrubs have surrounded this stand as work began.

Credit: Donna

Many took this as a positive sign that Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs would open soon. Today Disney shared that the official opening is now pushed back to 2024.

This is yet another delayed opening for Disney’s Boardwalk. Earlier we shared another delayed opening for The Cake Bake Shop. Disney’s Boardwalk transformation will not be happening this year at least.

Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs will not open in 2023 as previously promised.

New Menu Options

Credit: Disney

The good side is that we have a first look at the menu options. Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs will bring the guest-favorite Pickle Dog to the East Coast. They will also bring a few new options to Disney’s Boardwalk.

The new Mexican Street Corn Dog looks like a “must try.” they will also offer both Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade. To fit with the fun Boardwalk vibe, guests can also enjoy Fresh Spun cotton candy.

We love the idea of these menu options to go along with the Boardwalk atmosphere.

What do you think of this delayed opening? Which menu item are you most excited to try? Share your thoughts with us and share this news with your Disney foodie pals.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.