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The Cutest Disney Merch Finally Lands In a New Location

The Cutest Disney Merch Finally Lands In a New Location

We are so happy that one of the most adorable things Disney ever turned into a merchandise line is finally coming to a new location. See how you can get your hands on it.

Disney Cruises

credit: Kenny the Pirate

Sure the Disney theme parks are great, but have you ever experienced a Disney cruise? Some people love the magic of Disney Cruise Line even more than they love the parks!

There is so much magic packed into a Disney cruise. It is not just the world-class shows, the delicious dining, and the port adventures that make a Disney Cruise memorable. There is extra magic that lies in the countless little details that delight cruisers. And, Disney has turned some of those details into merchandise you can take home with you!

The CUTEST Merch

Credit: KtP

Have you ever wished that Disney would turn one of your favorite little details into merch? You are NOT alone.

In fact, Disney probably made a lot of wishes come true for cruisers who LOVE returning to their cabins only to discover funny little towel animals adorning their beds.

Credit: KtP

People LOVE their towel animals! In fact, there have been several discussions across the interwebs among people who wished they could leave their towel animals intact and bring them home.

Disney finally capitalized on the popularity of this simple piece of fun and created a line of plush towel animals! And, they became available on some Disney Cruise Line ships. Of course, they vanish quickly when they appear on the shelves. And now these adorable towel animals are about to grace MORE shelves.

Where To Find Them Next

Credit: Disney Cruise Line

These little darlings are FINALLY heading to the Disney Wonder. According to Disney Cruise line, they will be available later this year. With so few days left in the year, you won’t have long to wait before they start popping up on voyages!

If you spot them on your voyage on the Disney Wonder or any other Disney Cruise Line ship, you will want to grab one quickly! After all, there are many cruisers who will advise you to buy the merch you like the first time you see it on the ship because it may just be the last time you see it! Items do tend to sell out quickly, and they cannot be replenished if stock runs out while the ship is at sea.

Are you WISHing or DREAMing of finding these adorable plush towel animals on your next Disney Cruise? Do you already have one? Let us know in the comments. And, be sure to pass this happy news along.

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