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Disney World Changes the Price of Parking Effective Immediately

Disney World Changes the Price of Parking Effective Immediately

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Disney integrated so many price increases overnight. Some of those start right now! Here are the changes you can expect to see for parking costs.

Walt Disney World Price Increases

Credit: Monica

Price increases are a part of life for a Walt Disney World fan. And it is never a particularly happy part of life.

Today, Walt Disney World fans have woken up to a rather unpleasant surprise. Overnight, Disney introduced a myriad of price increases that will affect several aspects of your vacation. For example, Annual Pass Prices shot up, and you can read about that HERE.

And, the increases are not just going to affect your NEXT vacation. Some price increases will affect you starting TODAY.

Parking Price Increases

Credit: KtP

Effective TODAY, Wednesday, October 11, 2023, you will have to pay an increased price to park at Walt Disney World. This increase is probably unexpected for many Guests who are in the middle of a vacation and paid a lower price just yesterday.

Standard parking for a car or motorcycle has increased by $5. The new cost is $30 per day.

Parking Prices for Walt Disney World have Increased as of TODAY.

Credit: Monica

Preferred parking for a car or motorcycle has increased, but the price is going to vary. You will now pay either $45, $50, or $55 per day depending on the date of your visit.

So far, the price for Oversized Vehicle Parking for a Shuttle, Limo, Camper Trailer, RV, Bus, or Tractor Trailer remains unchanged. It is currently $30 per day.

Credit: KtP

Although $5 may not seem like a huge increase to some, it might be tough for Guests who have multiple days of parking to pay for if they are on a very tight budget and suddenly find themselves with an unexpected cost to swallow. This could be especially challenging in the middle of a vacation.

As a reminder, onsite Guests park at the theme parks for free.

The Walt Disney World news hasn’t been all bad. Check out the positive news we FINALLY have for you about Park Hopping right HERE.

Does the increased price of parking at Walt Disney World impact you? Let us know how you feel in the comments. And, please, feel free to share this story with others who may be traveling now or soon so that they can adjust their budgets accordingly.

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Wednesday 11th of October 2023

Well that's what uber is for. I won't be paying 30.00 a day! Greedy Disney rears it's ugly head again!


Thursday 12th of October 2023

You make a fine point.

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