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DeSantis’ Central Florida Tourism District wants to do away with benefits now

DeSantis’ Central Florida Tourism District wants to do away with benefits now

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Tell us what you think of this proposed change.

DeSantis’ Central Florida Tourism Oversight Board

Credit: Monica

When the state of Florida dismantled the Reedy Creek Improvement District, they replaced it with the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD for short). Essentially, it is now the governing body for Disney World. Any new construction, laws, or amendments Disney wants to make will now have to go through the CFTOD.

Of course, with Disney no longer its own governing body, some issues have popped up. This is not at all surprising, especially when you consider that the five board members were all appointed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

They now propose Disney do away with a certain benefit.

Proposed Elimination of Employee Benefits

Today, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District submitted a referral to the Florida Inspector General regarding millions of dollars’ worth of perks and benefits that the former Disney-controlled Reedy Creek Improvement District funneled back to Disney.

Disney sent the CFTOD a bill for $492,382.96 for “Q1 FY22 Tickets.” That is not including merchandise, tickets, and hotel discounts. In the past, Disney used tax-payer money to provide RCID employee (NOT Disney Cast Members) benefits like season passes and merchandise/food/hotel discounts. In 2022 alone, it cost taxpayers over $2.5 million.

Credit: KtP

Now, Disney expects the CFTOD to pay that bill as it is now the governing body.

The media release states,

In addition to constituting unethical benefits and perks, the scheme raises significant questions regarding self-dealing as the board members were only permitted a maximum of $100 per month in compensation per the Reedy Creek Improvement District Act.

Immediately upon discovering the scheme, the CFTOD set in motion plans to eliminate it. All CFTOD employees who require access to Disney premises to perform their official duties will still be able to access them.

Do you think Disney is scheming? Or, is the CFTOD complaining? Let us know in the comments below.

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C grewel

Thursday 24th of August 2023

If you think Desantis gives two craps about Florida children or residents you have not been paying attention. He is allowing roads to be paved with radioactive phorphus from sugar farms, he is in a fight with the biggest employer of his state and money maker for the state, he has an insurance crisis in the state, the state is having outbreaks of Dengue fever, maleria, leprosy there are over 5000 teaching positions vacant because of his stupid ass war on woke, Florida is the only state with an inflation issue, fees go up every year along with a three percent tax increase the state is facing having to pay for many lost lawsuits because of his antics but yes by all means worry about drag story time,books and the free speech rights a cartoon mouse. Sadly under Desantis and the state gop Florida has become a cesspool of fear hate and ignorance.

Dr. John Courage

Thursday 24th of August 2023

Absolutely and now he's turned over some of the central Florida national parks to private concessions who are raising entry fees by 50%. What's gonna happen to FL while he's here. God help us.

Donald Rodgers

Wednesday 23rd of August 2023

Desatan just talked all bullshit on the debate stage about everything he's going to do the 1st day as President, not going to happen, and if he thinks all this will be done in one day he's got another thinking coming just like his mentor Trump he said he was going to do a lot of things his first day and nothing got done. Only thing Desatan can do is finish fuckin up Florida he's been doing a good job at that now and God help us IF and that's a big IF he makes President the world will go to hell in a hand basket. He couldn't give any answer to any questions he was asked diddy diddle around the questions and didn't actually have any answers. Dictator, narcissist, hypocrite, bully fits him perfectly

Pamela Mosez

Wednesday 23rd of August 2023

DeSantis is retaliating against Disney for defending some of their employees. He should not be allowed to use his political office to do this. He is using his office as Governor to push his beliefs on everyone and if you don't agree with him, he will use it to punish you. He even passed a new law that allows him to keep his office as he tries to run for President. He just does things to benefit himself. This should not continue to be allowed.

Kathleen Parker

Wednesday 23rd of August 2023

DeSantis has and is totally overstepping his authority. President? Not in a million years. Can you imagine if he tried to railroad Monsanto or other large corporations? Not good for capitalism and definitely not good for Florida or the American people.

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