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Meet The Sweet New Baby Born At Disney World

Meet The Sweet New Baby Born At Disney World

This is probably the best Disney news you will see all day. A new baby has arrived in a Disney theme park!

Disney Babies

Credit: Disney

It seems like we hear more and more instances of news that is not so magical, not just in the world at large, but in the theme parks we all know and love too. From poor guest behavior or legal turmoil, negative news seems to materialize each day. Sometimes what we really need is a little happy news.

And, what could be happier than a birth announcement, particularly a DISNEY birth announcement? Disney has been ripe with wonderful news about the births of new Disney babies. For example, last month we said hello to a pair of RARE twins. You can read about them here. We also said hello to a brand new pony, destined to draw Cinderella’s carriage, and you can see her here.

And now we have another sweet Disney baby to give us all a little bit of happy news today! You are going to love her.

The New Baby

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

We are so excited that Disney’s Animal Kingdom has welcomed a brand-new baby mandrill into the world! You might be familiar with mandrills thanks to Disney’s The Lion King. One of the film’s major characters Rafikki is a mandrill.

These baboons are known for their distinct blue, red, and pink patterns on their faces. According to Disney Parks Blog, “Mandrills are just as colorful on their backside, too, which helps the horde – or family group – follow each other as they travel through the dense forests of Africa.”

The new baby was born to mom Hazel, who has been very busy bonding with her, cradling her, and taking care of her. Just look at how heartwarmingly sweet they are.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The new baby is a girl, and she already has a name! Her caretakers call her Saffron.

Not only is Saffron a beloved addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but she represents a feat for her species. There are only about 4000 mandrils in the wild, so every successful birth is a conservation win.

Where Can You Meet Hazel and Saffron

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

If you want to see Hazel and Saffron, you might just be in luck! The pair is already enjoying their home at Kilimanjaro Safaris in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

If you take a ride on Kilimanjaro Safaris you have a chance to spot Hazel and Saffron snuggling. You might even spot Saffron’s older sister Ivy as well.

Do you love Disney baby animals? Have you had a chance to spot Hazel and Saffron? Will you be looking for them on your next Disney trip? Let us know in the comments. And, feel free to pass the happy story along to anyone you know who needs it today.

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Wednesday 9th of August 2023

Thanks for sharing! This is good news indeed!

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