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Disney announces debut of new characters coming soon!

Disney announces debut of new characters coming soon!

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Disney announces new characters including a villain! Take a look at the details of who will be coming later this year.

Exciting New Project

Credit: Donna

There have been a string of several Disney and Pixar films that left many Disney fans wanting more. However, as new details emerge for Wish our excitement grows.

Wish, which was originally announced in 2022, explores the idea of how the wishing star, the one that multiple Disney characters have wished upon over the years, came to be. It is a concept that seems perfect for a film from Disney Animation Studios. 

Power of a Wish

Credit: Susan

Get ready to feel like a child once again with the sweet innocence to believe in the power of a Wish. This is truly the animated film that Disney needs to celebrate 100 Years of Wonder for the Walt Disney Company.

The Wish comes from the same studio that produced such classics as Beauty and the Beast, Encanto, Cinderella, and more. Finally, “Comes a story a century in the making.”

New Characters

Credit: Disney

At its center is a girl called Asha who, desperate to save her home, turns to the stars themselves. When she makes a wish, a cosmic force named “Star” comes to help her. The duo faces off against what is promised to be a formidable villain!

Credit: Disney

Speaking of villains, Disney also just released a picture of King Magnifico. Take a look at this new character in the picture above.

We are invited to enter into a place “Where your heart’s desire can become a reality.” Check out the trailer HERE that gives us our first glimpse of the heroine, the villain, and also the hilarious sidekick for this upcoming film.

Wish is currently set for release on November 22, 2023. 

Are you excited about this new movie? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments and share this post with a Disney movie loving friend.

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Sara Houck

Friday 21st of July 2023

IKR? It's almost as if they think we're behaving like spoiled brats or something, when in actuality, we're anything but!

Chris Wood

Friday 21st of July 2023

Disney should make up new worlds and Characters, instead of ruining classic movies, with unnecessary remakes or reboots. They can still make their woke movie with new world and Characters


Friday 21st of July 2023

I truly love Chris Pine and his work. However, they are still woke and political views are still active. Wish ... Should be Evangeline. And this is the second goat sidekick. Esmeralda had one.

As far as the theme park, having 2ariels is confusing. Why not also add enchanted man hole in there. Or add the bridge from central park to bring the characters at Disney land to life as they cross over the man hole.... Or even make a central park picnic area. Giselle deserves to have her shop at Disney.

How about a Tim Burton world?. Walk through Halloween town. Or get face paint or portrait like them. Y'all already have Jack and Sally. Bring the rest of his friends. Let's give Jack and Sally a throne. So many things they could have done. They can do to keep the Disney magic.

I've never been to Disney land but I would've loved to work with them had they not joined the dark side. I say that respectfully due to the star wars theme is interestingly a soft consideration. I understand updates are important. And progressing is essential but to change completely.... Far far fetched and wrong right now.

They could make a gallery of before the dreams to now... have photos to show with old pieces. And then as you enter the new era in the gallery make that an entrance to the entire world. Lastly... I'll add this, with all the changes being made, they better not take down the secret hidden places. I'm talking about the wall from it's original start ... Walt's secret club ... Etc ... The fact no water means Tiana won't have her bayou. Or the history stuff won't be around. Like the riverboat one.

We need those past park golden aged classics. Changing all at once is bad. Bad... Bad... It needs to be a slow uphill.

Back to WISH"...

They could be better. But if anything I'll go for the king. Antagonists all the way. Chris Pine is amazing and I wish him every ounce of good fortune in his career. I mean he's king of Hollywood right, taking on everything he has been in. Perfect for the role. I'm sure the girl and her goat castees are amazing too. Talent is all around but if it's like the little mermaid I'm walking out. Still pains me to think of "enunciate".

All singers know this. So little mermaid new singer.... Disappointed me to teeth grinding. Good vocal tone amazing even, but words have consonants Keep true to the story line don't flop all around and then grab hold.

Ok I'm done.

What do you all think should they do? Be respectful.


Friday 21st of July 2023

Disney's "Aladdin "Multiple Movies, Beautiful Characters, Songs. Much more Entertaining. Disney+

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