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Popular Disney’s Animal Kingdom attraction closed now!

Popular Disney’s Animal Kingdom attraction closed now!

An Animal Kingdom ride has been down all day causing longer wait times at other rides. See which one is down here.

Closures and Refurbishments

Credit: Disney

You may have spent months planning your Disney World vacation, but planning for all of the various closures and refurbishments that happen at Walt Disney World are more difficult to plan for. We constantly see attractions, lands, restaurants, shops and more close and reopen briefly or sometimes even longer for refurbishments or for other reasons.

Whatever the case, these are necessary in order to keep the park up and running. Everything needs to be in good order for the constant flow of guests visiting the parks each and every day.

Recent Closure

Credit: Susan

Rafiki Planet Watch at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to an Animal Viewing Location, Conservation Station, Affection Section and The Animation Experience at Conservation Station. Guests can access this area by taking the Wildlife Express Train.

All of Rafiki Planet Watch, including the Wildlife Express Train was closed tomorrow, July 12, 2023. However, it reopened the next day on July 13.

What’s Closed Now?

Credit: screenshot of My Disney Experience

Last year, Disney announced in a “blue sky” discussion that Dinoland would be receiving a much-needed makeover. At that time, the Primeval Whirl was demolished, and Disney hinted of Moana and Zootopia coming.

This left many people wondering what would happen to the Dinosaur attraction. Since that time, it has remained open to guests and there has been no word on it closing permanently.

The Dinosaur attraction hasn’t opened yet today causing increased wait times at other Animal Kingdom attractions.

However, Dinosaur hasn’t opened at all today, July 14! Unfortunately, this causes longer waits for other Animal Kingdom attractions. As of 12:10pm today, Avatar Flight of Passage shows a 180-minute wait and Na’vi River Journey lists a 95-minute wait. Would you wait 3 hours to ride Flight of Passage?

Guests inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park are receiving the notification shown above.

Do you plan to ride the Dinosaur attraction? Will this affect any of your plans? Please let us know in the comments below or share this post with a friend.

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