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Disney’s Happy New Announcement Will Have You Seeing Double

Disney’s Happy New Announcement Will Have You Seeing Double

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It looks like good things come in pairs at Disney’s Animal Kingdom lately. You are going to love these little pieces of magic.

Disney Baby Animals

Credit: Disney

We are so happy to share that good news keeps on coming in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. One of the things that brighten everyone’s day is announcements of the arrival of new baby animals in Disney World!

Earlier this month, we shared that some RARE twin cotton-top tamarins were born in Disney’s animal kingdom. You can read about the teeny tiny bundles of joy here. And now we have ANOTHER pair of babies to talk about.

A Zebra Surprise

Credit: Katie P.

Not long ago Guests were surprised by a brand new Hartmann’s mountain zebra foal enjoying her very first day roaming on Kilimanjaro Safaris. We got a glimpse of here that you can read about here.

However, soon it became evident that she wasn’t the only new zebra on the savanna! Another new baby has been announced.

Seeing Double!

Credit: Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment

That’s right, there is not one, but TWO baby Hartmann’s mountain zebras greeting Guests on Kilimanjaro Safaris in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The two are not twins, but they are very close in age.

The pair have been enjoying exploring their new home while their moms Juno and Aziza keep ever-watchful eyes on them. They also already have adorable names: Cricket and Dot!

If you happen to see both of them playing on the savanna during your next ride on Kilimanjaro Safaris, you might just be able to tell them apart it you look carefully. This is because every zebra has a distinct set of markings. Their stripes are as unique as a human’s fingerprints.

Credit: Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment

If you want to try to distinguish them from one another, here is what Dr. Mark Penning, Vice President: Animals, Science and Environment for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, says to look for. Dot has a triangle shape on the front of both of her shoulders that resembles an upside-down checkmark. Cricket, on the other hand, has a forked stripe, that looks like a wishbone.

Have you seen this adorable pair of babies on the savanna yet? Do you hope to? Let us know in the comments. Do you know someone who is planning to visit Disney World? Be sure to pass this story along so they have a chance to see Cricket and Dot, too!

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