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Finally! You can now enjoy the magic of “Hey Disney!” at home

Finally! You can now enjoy the magic of “Hey Disney!” at home

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Disney is continuing to roll out more features of “Hey Disney!” Check out the latest updates for this newest Disney technology here.

Hey Disney!

Credit: KtP

Your Disney resort stay is about to get a lot more magical with this new partnership. In 2021, we shared that Disney and Amazon were partnering together. This new venture will be called, “Hey Disney!” For the first time, instead of asking Alexa to do something, you can ask Disney to do it!

This will be available for Guests to enjoy Echo Show 5 in their Disney Resort room. These devices are being installed at all Disney Resorts on a rolling basis.

Not only will guests be able to interact with “Hey Disney!” at their resort hotel, but they will also be able to interact with it with their MagicBand+. The MagicBand+ will sync with supported Amazon Echo devices to enhance some “Hey Disney!” experiences.

“Hey Disney” at home

Credit: Disney

There will also be an in-home offering for “Hey Disney!” as well. Now, Disney fans can purchase supported Amazon Echo devices via the Amazon Alexa Skills store, inviting Disney fans to make every day at home more magical.

That’s right! “Hey Disney!” is finally available at home! It is the first Alexa custom assistant to be made available for select Amazon Echo devices.

Now you can enjoy various character voices and hear your favorite Disney stories from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy some fun Disney trivia, too!

Credit: Disney

Go ahead and ask “Hey Disney!” what the weather is like. You may hear Baby Yoda say something like, “nice the weather is!”

“Hey Disney! represents the art of what’s possible when two major companies marry their creative and technical expertise,” said Mark Yoshitake, GM and director of Alexa skills.

This is a whole new way to bring Disney storytelling to life for fans of all ages and we are thrilled to offer a magical, new experience for customers to enjoy on their Echo devices.

Mark Yoshitake

Other Details

Credit: Disney

“Hey Disney!” is included as a part of the Amazon Kids Plus subscription and can be purchased for $5.99 a year. Subscribe and set up the custom Disney voice assistant by asking an Echo device, “Alexa, introduce me to Hey Disney.”

This will change the Alexa wake word to “Hey Disney!” so that may take some more getting used to. Additionally, it will not completely replace Alexa. If there is a question that cannot be answered with the “Disney theming” it will revert back to Alexa.

Will you purchase “Hey Disney!” for your home? Let us know in the comments below and share this post with a fellow Disney/Alexa-loving friend!

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