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Your Disney resort stay is about to get a lot more magical with this new partnership

Your Disney resort stay is about to get a lot more magical with this new partnership
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Disney and Amazon announced a new partnership that is about to make your Disney Resort stay a lot more magical! What do you think of these new features coming to Disney hotels?

Disney and Amazon Partnership

Credit: Disney

Today Disney and Amazon announced a partnership called, “Hey, Disney” that will make resort vacations a lot more magical. For the first time ever, instead of asking Alexa to do something, you can ask Disney to do it!

From Josh D’Amaro:

Whether you’re at home or in one of our Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms, soon you’ll be able to use an Echo device to interact with your favorite Disney, Pixar or Star Wars characters. “Hey, Disney!” will make your vacation easier, more meaningful and more fun … and it will entertain and delight you when you’re at home, too.

Credit: Disney

It raises the bar for immersive storytelling with authentic character voices, unique audio environments inspired by our films and destinations, and more than a thousand magical interactions to discover – so you can expect a few surprises!


Credit: Disney

As mentioned above, you can interact with your favorite Disney characters at home and while on vacation at Disney Resorts. But that’s not all! According to Yahoo, Disney will make your Resort stay easier and more magical than ever before.

Starting next year, guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels will find an Echo Show 5 in their rooms, which they can use to access the “Hey, Disney” experience.

Credit: Monica

In this case, the assistant can answer the more specific questions a visitor may have, like what time the park opens, the fastest route to the park, or where to get a meal.

Or they can use the assistant to make specific guest service requests — like ordering extra towels or food from room service.

Favorite Disney characters will also be able to play personalized messages for the guests throughout the day.

Credit: Disney

Isn’t this Echo Show 5 so cute?! I love the ears! I also love the idea of not having to call housekeeping for more towels or room service to order food!

This will be all done like at home when you ask Alexa to add eggs to your grocery list or to play your favorite music.

Other “Hey Disney” Details

Credit: Disney

Disney and Alexa have not shared what this voice will sound like, but I am really hoping for Mickey Mouse or other Disney characters!

Yahoo also shares a little bit more about what we can expect with this service at home:

Amazon told us the “Hey Disney” experience offered in the resorts will differ from the home experience, as guests will not be able to log into their personal Amazon accounts and Amazon doesn’t save the audio recordings for the in-room interactions.

Credit: Disney

The in-home version of “Hey, Disney,” however, will adhere to the guidelines for other child-directed experiences running on Alexa. That means parental consent must first be granted, and customers can view and manage their voice recordings using the existing privacy dashboards and interfaces.

What do you think of this new partnership? Are you excited to see everything Disney can do for you on vacation? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook!


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