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Disney and DeSantis agree on something now but is it enough?

Disney and DeSantis agree on something now but is it enough
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Could it be that both sides of this conflict are growing weary from it? Take a look at what they agreed on and let us know your thoughts.

Conflict Begins

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The past year has been turbulent between the state of Florida and The Walt Disney Company. Florida passed the Parental Rights in Education Law in 2022.

The Walt Disney Company originally remained quiet surrounding this bill despite pleas from employees and fans for them to take an official stance. Tension built until then-CEO Bob Chapek denounced the bill, but many believed it was too little, too late.

The tension between the company and the state continued worsen as state Republicans repealed the Reedy Creek Improvement Act of 1967. Essentially, the law states that Disney is its own governing body in the two cities and land within Orange and Osceola counties.

Tension Grows

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Just before the handover took place, Disney tried one last ditch effort to keep as much control out of the state of Florida as possible. Just recently, Disney made an agreement between the district and the parks/resorts.

This new agreement basically gives Disney most of the control of the district and prevents the new oversight board from making any changes to this agreement until 21 years after the death of the last survivor of King Charles III.

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At the press conference, DeSantis shared that he is planning to announce even more measures against Disney World. The first being his plans to void the contract between the Central Florida Tourism Oversight Board (previously Reedy Creek Improvement District) and Disney World.

Then, on April 26th, Daniel M. Petrocelli, a high-powered Los Angeles litigator, filed complaints on Disney’s behalf in federal court. The complaint states that “A targeted campaign of government retaliation – orchestrated at every step by Governor DeSantis as punishment for Disney’s protected speech – now threatens Disney’s business, operations, jeopardizes its economic future in the region, and violates its constitutional rights.”

Newest Development

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Today, May 22, Disney filed a newly filed joint stipulation. In this document, Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have agreed to the following timeline for pre-trial motions:

  • 6/26/23 – Defendant’s Motions to Dismiss
  • 7/26/23 – Plantiff’s Response to Defendants
  • 8/9/23 – Defendant’s Response

Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have agreed to a timeline for pre-trial motions.

Note that this document suggests that Defendants will file a motion to dismiss the case. However, these motions haven’t been filed yet.

Do you think this a step in the right direction to resolve this ongoing conflict? How do you hope it is resolved? Please let us know in the comments and share this post with a friend.

Source: Florida Court Document No. 4:23-cv-163-MW-MJF


  1. Agree 1000%. Desantis has a very scary agenda. An agenda that the world has deltit wa with before as horrifying it was.

  2. And now he’s attacking tourists by threatening to raise taxes on disney resorts and put toll roads around Disney. Remember Ronnie there are millions of Disney fans you will anger and we vote for president

  3. Do not agree with what Disney said but i believe they have a constitutional right to express their opinion without retaliation

  4. There ard over 100 self governing district in Florida. Take self governing away from all, not just one who is being punished for something they said.

  5. From my perspective, this is most definitely a targeted attack by a politician on a single business. IF DeSantis had made a sweeping legislation against all businesses in FL (present and future) then at least that works be better. He is must definitely also trying to control free will and free speech.

  6. DeSantis is out of line with all his takeovers on things to be the way he wants and gosh forbid you disagree, you will be fired the da story, teachers fired and will not be paid, telling the schools to do what and how he wants, cherry picking boards to get how he wants and when he wants. He is a mini Trump , his way and no other way, he is dangerous to the USA just as Trump was and still is trying anyway. No DeSantis for president please.

  7. Pre-trial motions including the defendants motion to dismiss are pretty typical in any case. Criminal or civil. The time line agreed to probably had more to do with the federal courts availability than any agreement between the parties. The civil rights suit was filed too late to disqualify Ronzo. Ronzo’s already Governor and Fla probably has some form of law that states you have to impeach the Governor before you can bring formal charges against him. Let’s face it, he already had his flying monkeys in the state houses pass his repeal of the “You can’t run for another office while you hold an office” law. I don’t know if that applies to federal charges. The rabid dog nature of these power hungry Make America Less Again types really defies the Bill of Rights and successive Amendments. Books that have to be approved Before children can have access to them. Books that the school district had already spent TAX PAYER money buying. Or maybe Ronzo thought the book 1984 by George Orwell was a true story as opposed to a cautionary tale. (Probably banned in Florida anyway) With thought police and a ministry of truth and TVs that spy on its citizens. I’ve always had a problem with bullies like Ronzo and Trump. They attract minor bullies to their cause because it gives the minor bullies an excuse to act and do what they want because their Big Bully says it’s ok. Until they get thrown under the bus.

  8. Disney is right and DeSantis knows it. DeSantis can’t be fighting Disney, Trump, Biden, the “woke”, and the rest of the country while trying to run for President. Disney knows this. DeSantis knows this. Disney won’t drop the lawsuits unless DeSantis backs down. DeSantis knows that if he backs down, it will make him look weak. But fighting Disney and knowing they will win also will make him look weak. Him starting this fight already has sent up a big red flag about how he will act as President.

  9. There is nothing Godly about Ron De Santis…He’s an authoritarian running the state of Florida and he want to take it national!

  10. Nobody has mentioned that the don’t say gay law has been expanded to include through grade 12. I agree Ronnie is a lunatic that will try to destroy anyone who does not share his radical beliefs. He is just as as or more crazy as MTG. God help us all if he does become president. And why did he wait until his second term to become a dictato? In my opinion I don’t think Biden, Trump, or DeSantis should be our next president. The people of the country are not aware of what the real DeSantis is like and that is scary. I know that because my sister is one of them. And she tries to justify his reasoning no matter what I say.

  11. Well said. This is just DeSantis trying to make a play for Trump voters pure and simple. He is trying to be a bully rather than helping the people of Florida with the many problems the state faces he spends tax dollars flying immigrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard. EGOTISTICAL GREED

  12. One word…morality. If children were taught good morals the country wouldn’t be in such a mess. It’s like the entire country is going weird and it shows. We’ve lost our moral compass and it shows. You do the right thing or not. Don’t and corruption and immorality set in like a cancer. It’s about choices and consequences. Choose wisely. Right now we’re not getting greater. More like ancient Rome with barbarians at the gate. I keep thinking of that movie Idiocracy. Failing our forefathers who left us as caretakers. Good grief people, Wake Up!!

  13. While I respect this point of view. Please realize that there are over 100 self governing districts like this in Florida. DeSantis only has an issue with this one! It is nothing but misuse of state funds for a personal vendetta

  14. No business should have self governing authority because then they can manipulate laws to benefit themselves, as has been seen in the past with large multi -million dollar companies, like big pharma.

  15. I myself believe that you need to read the whole bill. Not just the part about children not being taught about sex in grade school. In my opinion he is imposing on the people of Florida his wills and beliefs and that is unacceptable. He is also the first governor or any other Member and government created a special board so he doesn’t have to give up his governorship to run for president never in history has. This? Ever been done. Me as a mother of 4 girls would never even want my children being talked about sex in grade school. This is up to the parent. The santa’s is wielding his power against anyone who opposes him and as far as I’m conlearned. He’s a dictator not a governor.

  16. DeSantis is insane and I think he’s realizing he’s shot himself in the foot. He wants this done quickly because if it isn’t he’ll never win presidency. (I pray he does not ever get anywhere NEAR the president’s spot. This country is doomed if he does.) I don’t think he’s realized it’s too late for him. His career is over and he needs to go. He’s too power hungry.

  17. Thank you for your comment…agreed. I believe we are so blessed to have Ron De Santis as our Governor. He is standing up for Godly values. As a strong Christian believer, I appreciate all that he stands for and does to protect our families, children and the state of Florida!

  18. People is all inclusive so when you say people, you mean all men, women, children of all color, background, and serial orientation. How can people be blissful if hate is seeping through everywhere? If Disney truly needs to do its job, how can you entertain people when people will avoid FL because of polarized ideologies? It will work against their business model hence they spoke up about people’s rights.

    If corporations are people and if you think standing up to bullies a good thing, isn’t that what Disney is doing? I thought true, red-blooded Americans always fought for those being bullied and looked out for those who can’t defend themselves. When have we degenerated to being the bad guy? If you really want to preach God and Bible, where is “love thy neighbor”?

    Maybe the fight between Disney and FL is a symptom of a bigger problem in America and you need to stop looking away from the problems otherwise it’ll be too late.

  19. Their input has always been there. They have been longtime donors to many political campaigns. They are also protected by the constitution. Why did Ronnie accept over 2 million in campaign funds from Disney during his first election run. Only when disney voiced and opinion was it a problem. Seethe Forrest through the trees man

  20. NoDisney is not wrong. Look at the reat of the facsist bill big D has put throug. I am sure the Walt is pissed about Reedy Creek more then anything. Big D cannot take money from Companies that the Supreme court and the hop claim are like people and dismiss Disney. Doesn’t work like that

  21. Bobblehead Ron’s time is almost up. He has spent most of his time spewing hatred throughout Florida and that will never fly with American voters. Finish out your term as governor and just forget the public eye, because you’re definitely not Trump 2.0

  22. “If Walt Disney was alive he would be rolling over in his grave. “.I hate to break it to ya, if uncle Walt was alive I don’t think he’d willing step into a grave and start rolling in it!!!

  23. Apologist for a bully authoritarian- Florida would be a banana republic if it followed the direction of Ronda Santiago and her minions

  24. Your statement on target – Disney feeds Florida- ds oversteps constantly. Separation of church & state. Except in the morality police state of Flor- taliban. That’s a huge pass on ron!

  25. Exactly, He is an egotistical, bully, media show boater at the taxpayers expense. An aspiring Autocratic ruler! His intention is division not unity.

  26. Sure tell that to the 75,000 Disney Employees that have homes in Fl + tourism $ it generates.
    187% up in foreclosure & evictions rates in FL. De Fascist is not the last coke in the desert as we say. He is easily replaced.
    Disney feeds the state. The Mouse has international appeal & approval- Not ron.

  27. As I read the comments, it is clear that your ultimate goal is to divide and destroy America. Remember this, free men who love God and Country will always defeat evil!

  28. I do not personally believe that anyone wants their third graders and kindergartners taught anything about sex but unfortunately the “parental rights bill“ was not one sentence. It was several pages and in it’s totality, it is not good for all of the people that are targeted in this bill #HatredIsHatred

  29. Thanks to inflation, Disney is having problems and trying to put the blame on Desantis. Desantis is standing up for the kids, mothers and fathers of Fl. If Walt Disney was alive he would be rolling over in his grave. Go get them Ron, No WOKE IN Fl.
    Come on Disney grow up. Everyone can be replaced, including Mickey.

  30. Desantis needs to leave Disney alone. Disney needs to stay out of politics and just do what it does best that is entertaining people make people forget about how crazy this world has become.

  31. I agree that DeSantis is an authoritarian only interested in grabbing power and needs to be stopped. He’s dangerous and will never be POTUS–America doesn’t want to turn the rest of our nation into Florida

  32. For those left wingers who don’t seem to understand at all that this fight with Disney is not about politics, it’s about those leftist from California who think that it’s proper to teach children in schools by teachers about sexual identities. This is wrong on many levels. To start with it’s the parents responsibility, not teachers nor the government to confront this issue if needed. Last, why does a corporation of any kind think that they have the right to tell the people of Florida how to live by their misplaced values? Robert L

  33. Yea we’ll nobody voted for Disney to run our state. We we’re doing fine without their input. It’s nice to know that we have a Governor willing to stand up to big business. Plus you probably don’t even know what the actual wording of DeSantis policies are. Exactly which part are you against? Never mind You wasted enough of my time.

  34. Um. Sorry Disney is not a private company. It is a publicly held corporation. I should know since I am a stockholder!

  35. So what you are saying is No one has the the right to speak up. Only the governor has the right to say anything. The governor is turning Florida into a dictatorship.

  36. I think that Disney sticks to its guns and pushed Rhonda Santas in his place I think Ron DeSantis is just another Putin Hitler in disguise Disney needs to beat him and beat this now

  37. DeSantis is not worried about anybody but his agenda to become President! It is a disgrace to me what he is doing not just to Disney, but businesses and people of Florida. As someone else said he is Hitler DeSantis, I definitely don’t want him as our President and I hope you don’t either

  38. It’s not just Disney that Hitler Desantass and his wife Fraulein Jezebel are after, but look at this WOKE BOOK he wrote, and the many drastic changes he is making to our schools, ins. Rates, women’s rights, and life in general. In Florida you do not have to have a teaching degree to teach, just be a HS Grad. Fl. Is heading in the wrong direction with this Dictator, and it is just his EGO. DO NOT look at him for a Presidency,cfor God’s sake.

  39. DeSantis has no values. Just corrupt law’s. He wants control of the people. And control what the can say, read and control what people can be. Hitler DeSantis. Just sickening.

  40. This is 1000% a political move against a great company based on DeSantis is bigoted biased and racist prejudices of his own personal nature. DeSantis is abusing his authority as a public figure demanding that a company follow his personal belief systems, which we don’t all agree with. He is a disgrace, and he needs to be stopped. I said 1000% with Disney and this lawsuit is bogus.

  41. The governor’s bill was a slap in the face to minorities and diversity. Two things that make America great. Discrimination is ugly no matter how it is dressed up.

  42. They are a private company totally allowed to say how they feel about FL. Politics. DeHitler targeted Disney and will lose in court. Disney does more for FL than any industry. Pays plenty of taxes. When you have dozens of special districts like Reedy Creek (like the huge Villages complex-full of wealthy white folks DeHitlet would never think of offending) and the ONLY district the Guv dissolves and takes over, then you have a government entity specifically targeting a private business. He will lose.

  43. He’s wants to put off the trials, because he’s running for president soon he hasn’t got time now to mess with that and his campaign, he will get back to it after the election

  44. The governors bill was a great bill Disney took it apon there self to put the self into politics they are an amusement park and should not be in politics however Disney needs to pay their own stuff and Ron should back off they have the right to feel however they want to but they also should never be able to push their beliefs on our children

  45. Unf that is 10s of millions not helping Floridians with hurricane damage, Medicaid assistant , schools , roads etc. this state is falling apart at the seeems.

  46. It must be a real challenge for Disney management to explain to their customers why they think it is okay to teach kindergarteners through third graders about sex.

  47. The Florida legislature keeps passing these draconian unconstitutional laws at the behest of DeSantis knowingly. This is why they budgeted tens of millions for the governor’s office to defend their lost cause of taking away our first amendment rights.

  48. DeSantis is dictator its his way or the highway is this the kind of man we want to be the next President. “No” his fight with Disney is all about him showing off for his run for President and how his dictator like tactics are ruining the state of Florida. Passing laws to retaliate against those who do not agree with his way of thinking like gay laws ,what books we can read,changing graduation requirements, what Teachers are allowed to teach in there classes, the removal of past history if it isn’t what he believes, his war on Woke Business. Sounds like a dictator to me. He does what’s best for him and not for the people or the state. A man blinded by his own ambitions and not for what’s best for the people of Florida or the country. A true child in his behavior. The only thing that the dates agreed does is set a time frame for arguments to be addressed by.DeSantis has nothing to do with this it is regulated by the lawyers.

  49. I don’t like this at all I loved Disney when I went as a kid when my mom took me there now they are trying to take way from are kids no they to fight this the government is just horrible they just think about themself they need to stop this going to bring bad news that’s were family’s go to am paying they don’t do this

  50. Ron DeSantis is a power control demon. Does NOT represent the entire citizens in Florida. He is devisive, vindictive, very petty, manipulative,& power hungry. Very sad. FLA CITIZENS STUCK PAYING FOR THIS MADNESS!! and WE CAN’T Question how he’s SPENDING ALL of our tax dollars!!

  51. Disney was not self government of anything the whole Walt Disney world was own by Disney. Since they owned so much land it was easier to have another board to make repairs, pay fire department, police, and other city aspects in the district. By Disney footing the bill on this the tax payers did not have to pinch in to pay for these repairs and protection. Legally since DeSantis took it over now all the maintenance now falls on the state not Disney anymore and it will not be kept nice it will fall apart like the rest of the roads in Flordia.

  52. All good things must come to an end and Disney is one of them. Just like Boblo Island in Detroit. People should spend their money taking their kids to national parks and see the great outdoors.

  53. Disney is like you and I calling ourselves sovereign citizens telling the government we don’t have to follow your rules we self govern ourselves

  54. America is rapidly sliding into the same level of debauchery that brought down other past governing bodies, most notably the Roman Empire. Disney is merely supporting this decline to support its revenue base. DeSantis supports the values and traditions that have made America the greatest and most successful country yet known.

  55. Disney needs to make DeSantis appologize in public for his childish move on Disney. DeSantis also needs to inform the public how much of Florida’s money he waisted on this childish prank.
    I can not endorse someone like DeSantis for president with this type of policies.

  56. I truly believe that DeSantis and representatives, need to take a step or two back. I am a DVC member and when The CEO at the time,
    Came out against the school/Bill, that never was (a gay bill) should of been clarified to the employees! It was all political and at a time COVID 19 was still a heavy topic.
    It’s a school bill that won’t allow K-4th grade teachers from talking about LBGT.. in the classroom!!!!!! So DeSantis got upset with media, who were basically pushing for a news report!!
    Everyone on both sides need to stop! Walk away and give WDW there life back. WDW is a great place and we as Florian’s don’t need more expense! Let Disney take care of there own stuff, it’s been doing pretty well! Better than any city in Florida

  57. DeSantis is a man child. Who’s showboating finally blew up in his face. He’s already cost Florida 2000 jobs. With Disney cancelling it’s nearly 1 Billion dollar project. I’d like to see Disney sue DeSantis into non-existence.

  58. God help us if DeSantis becomes president. Flordias governor has lost his mind and who is paying for of this the Flordia taxpayers that’s who.

  59. Desantis is an idiot DISNEY has been good for FL brought in millions of dollars to the state not just to central FL but the entire state at no expense to the taxpayers I wouldn’t blame them if they relocated to another state and sold the land to Saudi Arabia or made it a tax exempt preserve for alligators I can’t stand this wannabe dictator

  60. There is a reason Desantis is governor. The Floridian majority support him and want a neutral environment for our children. A cause worth fighting

  61. De Santis has clearly violated Disney’s first amendment right to free speech. I would not back down an inch from this fight. They are fighting not just for them but for all of us. This is just the beginning of his reign of terror. Someone needs to remind him what our country is about and of the ideals that it was founded upon. This fight is already won Disney, just keep on going. Do not back down. If this guy becomes president, our country is in big trouble.

  62. Its just a motion to dismiss the state case that DeSantis filed after disney filed there federal one. The federal case is still going.

  63. I believe DeSantis has extreme prejudice towards Disney and is abusing his power as governor. Disney has always had a clean and wholesome image. They should fight this tooth and nail because it is the right thing to do against xenophobic behavior.

  64. I agree with such a waste of money for tax payers on one side and increased prices to go on the other. The money could be going to help people living here than needless arguing that is helping no one. It’s more of two children trying to get their way.

  65. I’m with the Mouse and the Constututuon. I don’t want any politician going after private businesses for speaking an opinion or fir any reason really. Auticrats are not what we want for our country in any level of government.

  66. I think they should find DeSantis guilty of violation of Disney’s first amendment rights. DeSantis took retaliation against Disney for simply stating how they felt about the new law. DeSantis should not get away with this. He is a danger to our democracy, worse than trump. IMHO

  67. This is standard legal procedure, the lawyers always agree on a timeline. You see this in almost every socket, especially between corporate entities, or cooperate vs government.

  68. This entire matter will be expensive for both sides, costing Florida taxpayers and Disney.
    Disney’s cost will necessarily filter down to consumers.

  69. DeSantis needs to make whole again and reinstall Reedy Creek and let Disney do what they’ve been doing for 60 yrs.

  70. Ron DeSantis is a narcissist and like Rick Scott, DeSantis doesn’t care one iota about the damage to Florida their ambitions for power has and will cause most Floridians. Hundreds of children died under Florida’s DCF lack of care each year Scott was governor. DeSantis is teetering on destroying the heartbeat of Florida, Disney!

  71. No, these are standard pretrial Motions and a Motion to Dismiss is meaningless in suggesting any sort of agreement, other than compliance with a standard court requirement to agree to deadlines.

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