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New Florida Amendment Targets Disney Transportation

New Florida Amendment Targets Disney Transportation
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A newly filed amendment for the state of Florida now takes aim at Walt Disney World’s transportation. What does this mean for Disney now?

Florida Government

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The past year has been turbulent between the state of Florida and The Walt Disney Company. Florida passed the Parental Rights in Education Law in 2022.

The Walt Disney Company originally remained quiet surrounding this bill despite pleas from employees and fans for them to take an official stance. Tension built until then-CEO Bob Chapek denounced the bill, but many believed it was too little, too late.

The company has even gone so far to say that they would actively work to get the bill repealed. This caused DeSantis to retaliate in his own public speaking events.

The tension between the company and the state continued worsen as state Republicans repealed the Reedy Creek Improvement Act of 1967. Essentially, the law states that Disney is its own governing body in the two cities and land within Orange and Osceola counties.

Big Changes Coming

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During a press conference last week, Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis shared that he is planning to announce even more measures against Disney World. The first being he plans to void the contract between the Central Florida Tourism Oversight Board (previously Reedy Creek Improvement District) and Disney World regarding Disney’s development rights for many, many years.

In addition, DeSantis ordered for attraction and transportation inspections through the state instead of through Disney World’s private inspection company.

Amendment Filed

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True to his word, an amendment was filed ordering the state to require state transportation inspections. The amendment specifically has language including, “governmentally owned fixed-guideway transportation systems, privately owned or operated fixed-guideway transportation systems operating in this state which are financed wholly or partly by state funds, and any governmentally or privately owned fixed-guideway transportation systems operating in this state which are located within an independent special district created by local act which have boundaries within two contiguous counties.”

A Florida amendment was filed targeting Disney’s transportation systems, such as the Disney monorail.

How does this apply to Disney? Walt Disney World is located in both Orange and Osceola counties of Florida. The term, “fixed-guideway transportation systems” includes transportation such as Disney’s monorail systems. It’s possible that we could see these state inspections temporarily stop Disney’s monorail system from operating.

What do you think about this amendment filed requiring state transportation inspections? Do you think this is a good move? Tell us in the comments below or share this post with a friend.


  1. Rick, look at history. Universal And Sea World would not be there if it was not for Disney laying the path. Once the County saw the profits of having a Disney they have bent over backwards to invite others. Disney is not in unique in this special status, The Villages are what they are because of this special status. Disney is being set apart out of ego and power. Also self righteousness. The downfall of many.

  2. Disney took 54 square miles of swamp and turned it into a paradise. Florida has only been asked to allow it to bypass bureaucratic red tape and sit back and enjoy the rewards. WDW breathes $75 billion into the economy every year and generates billions more by enabling other attractions. Before Disney, Orlando was a cow town and the state was nothing but beaches and ticky tacky tourist traps. Now Orlando has over 2.5 million people and the state is a destination for people from all over the world. If Ron DeSantis thinks shooting this cash cow benefits anyone, including his own political career, he is far, far more stupid than he appears.

  3. So many negative posts, Funny I don’t see Universal, SeaWorld, or Busch Gardens getting any breaks like Disney did. Nice to see the playing field leveled.

  4. Disney is not going anywhere. The laws that gave them special privileges to create Disney World should have been subject to periodic reviews.

  5. Same here. In Was on the verge of voting for DeSantis but given his personal vendetta against Disney; I am going to pull back on that. I do think he will wind up costing billions of dollars to florida not to mentioned changing the landscape of where we live. Although, I also agree some oversight and inspections Are good harbor they should have been good from day one till present. Not only Stemming from a disagreement, And wa la all I was sudden you’re concerned DeSantis. C’mon.

  6. DeSantis has now become that fool. Good luck in any future politics. As Disney has had enough of his little man syndrome. DeSantis just cost Florida billions of dollars as Disney will be packing up and heading to Georgia. Very smart move little Ron. Dictatorship at it’s finest.
    The last time I checked Florida was still part of the United States of America. Land of the free.
    DeSantis business skills are as good as Trump’s. He just needs to be impeached.

  7. Definitely NEVER want to see DeSantis sitting across from a foreign dignitary! He would start the next World War!!! His dictatorship in Florida with these Disney attacks are concerning to say the least.

  8. Desantis is acting like a silly child and someone should stop him from picking these unwarranted fights with Disney. I would never support him for president!!!!

  9. DeSantis is squandering tax-payer funds (via state staff) to pursue his anti-WDW vendetta. Yet another example of him being an out-of-contol ego maniac. How much longer can FL taxpayers afford to fund his whim?

  10. I agree with state transportation inspections. In case you haven’t noticed, Disney seems to have been experiencing lots of transportation, attraction outages and ride failures lately. Perhaps these have been caused by maintenance cutbacks. In this case, some state oversight is fine by me! Safety should come first and at this point, based on their actions since the start of the pandemic, I have problems believing anything Disney says.

  11. As for me DeSantis has lost my support for president and I will not help with his political career I see his role in to get Disney is wrong and I was thinking about voting for but I will not and working on people not voting for DeSantis no support for him

  12. I think it is time that letters/emails should be sent to DeSantis telling him he is wrong!
    WDW prior CEO Chapek was wrong getting involved in politics. What DeSantis is doing now – putting politics into private business is just as wrong.

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