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Is Disney’s New TRON ride too Intense for Children

Is Disney’s New TRON ride too Intense for Children

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Are you considering whether to take your children on Disney’s new TRON Lightcycle / Run? Here is what kids are saying about the ride during annual passholder previews.


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It is no secret that previews for Walt Disney World’s New rollercoaster TRON Lightcycle / Run are well underway. D23 Members, DVC Owners, Cast Members, and AP Holders have begun enjoying the ride prior to its opening.

You may have noticed that the Disney Adult opinion is somewhat divided on how terrific TRON is. However, if you have landed on this post, dear readers, then you probably want a very different opinion on TRON. You are most likely wondering whether your kids would enjoy it or find it terrifying. I can help as I had the chance to experience a preview with my two kids who are about as different as night and day.

Will Kids Like TRON

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Whether children will like TRON or not could be a moot point for some families. This ride has a strictly enforced high limit of 48′‘, which will prevent many younger children from being part of the equation. However, some families have children who may be tall for their age and will wonder whether they should let them try it out.

Before you read further, remember that every child is unique in their tolerance for thrills, motion, and intensity. You are the expert on your own children, and you should certainly take your expertise into consideration as you do your research. And that will be especially important when it comes to TRON.

Some kids will adore this ride. Others will absolutely detest it. As it turns out, I have both types of children living in my house.

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For Example, my 8-year-old is a coaster enthusiast and always has been. He loves thrills and speed. Therefore, it was no surprise to me that he absolutely adored TRON. He can’t wait for another chance to ride. He says it is one of the best coasters in Disney World with Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster edging it out.

Now, before you say, “So if my child likes Rock and Guardians, TRON is fine,” reconsider. My other child is 6 and has recently discovered coasters. She adores Guardians and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. However, she did not like TRON at all. Not even a little. It was just too much for her.

Why You Might Consider Avoiding TRON for your Kids

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There are a few things my little one cited as to why she was just not into TRON. If your children are sensitive to any of these things, they may not enjoy it either.

For one thing, thrill rides such as Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster are hidden within show buildings. TRON on the other hand is an in-your-face coaster. You get a long hard look at it while you are waiting to experience it. You see a lot of people come shrieking by. Just taking it in can be an experience that lets anxiety build up, and it may just be too much for your own child.

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Next, the unique positioning of the ride vehicles causes the beginning of TRON to feel very fast. Both my children equated it to Flight of Passage. However, even if kids like Flight of Passage, they may not like it if it really moves. It is fast and intense.

KtP Note: The Tron ride vehicle is like boarding and riding a speed motorcycle, except the restraint holds onto your lower leg and knee. It’s not a normal roller coaster position and children may find it intimidating.

Finally, TRON is extremely loud. If your child is sensitive to sound, strap on some noise-canceling headphones. Just make sure you really take care in strapping them down as they might come flying off.

Final Thoughts

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At the end of the day, if your child doesn’t like thrill rides, TRON is not the one for them. However, even children who DO like thrill rides may find this one too intimidating, loud, or intense.

If you don’t know whether your child likes thrill rides, this is not a good starter coaster. Take them on Seven Dwarves Mine Train or Barnstormer instead for a fun first experience.

Remember, Disney does offer Rider Switch, so the adults in your travel party can take turns enjoying the ride even if one or more children do not want to experience it. My own little boy was excited to hear his sister did not enjoy the ride because it means when we make a return visit, he gets to ride twice, once with each parent.

Will kids like TRON,
Credit: KtP

Of course, at the end of the day, remember, you know your child best. There is certainly no harm in skipping TRON, especially with so much else to do in the Magic Kingdom.

Do you know someone who is debating whether children will enjoy TRON? Be sure to pass this along to help them decide what to do. Will you be bringing your children on the new TRON ride on your next Disney trip? Let us know in the comments!

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