Home Disney News Bob Iger will now hold a Town Hall Meeting

Bob Iger will now hold a Town Hall Meeting

Bob Iger will now hold a Town Hall Meeting
Credit: Walt Disney Company

Bob Iger promises to redirect the Walt Disney Company and is looking for a key demographic as he hosts a Town Hall meeting. What would be your list of questions or concerns for this meeting?

Bob Iger’s Concerns

Credit: The Walt Disney Company

After recently renewing former Disney CEO, Bob Chapek’s, contract to end in 2025, the Disney Board fired Bob Chapek as CEO and replaced him with his predecessor Bob Iger for two years.

It is no shock that Bob Iger had concerns regarding Bob Chapek. According to The Walt Street Journal, on more than one occasion Bob Iger shared that Chapek is “killing the soul of the company.” You can read the many other mounting concerns voiced by Bob Iger HERE.

Town Hall Meeting

Credit: Kenny the Pirate

Bob Iger shared on multiple occasions that Chapek was leading the Walt Disney Company in the wrong direction. In an effort to change course, Bob Iger will host a Town Hall meeting. Earlier, an email was sent to Disney employees and Cast Members informing them of a Town Hall meeting. This is to be held on Monday, November 28th at 9:00 am (PT).

For this meeting, Bob Iger will return to the Walt Disney Studio Lot to hear from the heart of the Walt Disney Company, the employees, and Cast Members. Earlier this week, Bob Iger shared his gratitude in an email to Cast Members.

Credit: Donna

Iger shared, “This is a moment of great change and opportunity for our company as we begin our second century, and I am so proud to be leading this team again. I can’t say it enough: I’m incredibly lucky and grateful for the work you do each day, and for your commitment to maintaining the level of excellence Disney has always been known for.

Bob Iger will host a Town Hall meeting to be held on Monday, November 28th at 9:00 am (PT) for Disney employees and Cast Members.

Cast Members are truly the heart of the Walt Disney Company. It is such a positive move to listen to them as a new direction is being charted for the company.

What do you think of this Town Hall meeting? What questions would you ask or concerns would you address? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.

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  1. Good idea, to start with the cast members and employees. They are their greatest asset, not listed on the balance sheet. They also know the problems and what things are going well.

  2. Cut prices by 50% at parks,hotels,food,transport to and from free again. Grooming for PC removed. Agenda for family values that normal rational stable people can identify with. Tracking crowd control admittence to parks stopped immediatly and hoppers back to normal. Remove advisory boards from decisions made for percieved public interest. Agenda for special interest groups removed and banned by Disney Corp. ABC and all other affiliates.

    Then MABEY, JUST MABEY……. I would consider returning to their parks.

  3. “Are you planning a vacation? Reach out to our trusted travel agency sponsor Authorized Disney Vacation Planner Mouse Class Travel!”

    Ummm… no. I will not.

  4. I am thrilled that Bob Iger is Back. I think He will do things to make Walt Disney World a beautiful place to be again. It will tale time to clean up the mess that Chapek made . But, I feel big changes are coming and for the better !

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