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Breaking: Entire Epcot Pavilion is now Closed

Breaking: Entire Epcot Pavilion is now Closed
Credit: Disney

An unfortunate incident caused an entire Epcot Pavilion to close unexpectedly. We are unsure when it will reopen.


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Credit: Maggie

It’s not uncommon for various attractions to close during any given day at Disney World. For example, Expedition Everest has been closed on and off for multiple days. Part of the Japan Pavilion is currently closed for refurbishment. You can read that story right here.

This can certainly cause wait times to increase if an attraction is operating at half capacity or at other attractions if a ride is entirely closed. Not to mention, it can be disappointing for Guests who have spent months planning their vacations only to get there and not be able to ride what they were hoping to.

Unfortunately, an entire pavilion is closed right now at Epcot.

Imagination! Pavilion

Credit: KtP

The Imagination! Pavilion is home to Journey into Imagination with Figment, the ImageWorks Lab, the Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival, the Mickey Mouse meet and greet, and the Jumping Fountains. It’s a rather small pavilion when you consider how big the ones in the World Showcase are.

Nevertheless, this pavilion is a must-do for those who love Disney nostalgia or want to meet Mickey. Unfortunately, this area is completely closed right now.


Screenshot: MDE

There is a broken pipe on the top of the building inside the Imagination! Pavilion, and a giant continuing gush of water is spraying for all to see.

The water continues down the gutter and onto the ground. Unfortunately, it appears as if there is water inside the building because in the video in the tweeted reply you can see water gushing out of the orange building. Check out the video below:

As of writing, both the Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival and the Journey into Imagination with Figment attractions are both closed. We hope Disney can stop this water from causing too much damage.

Are you at Epcot right now? Can you see the water? Share your experience with us in the comments below and on Facebook.

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  1. I don’t like Journey. Bring back the original show with Dreamfinder.
    I like the Jumping Waters but parents must control their kids. Out of control kids are ruining the experience by climbing all over the exhibit.
    The Pixar Shorts are good!

  2. Unfortunately, having the updates continuously updating, is not logical. You could be updated that it’s up and running as you pay to park and then by the time you park, get your crew out of the car and ready, walk to transportation, wait for the tram, enjoy the ride up to the front, disembark the tram, walk to the gates, purchase tickets (if you haven’t already done so) go through the turnstiles into the park, consult your map (if need be) and navigate your way over to the imagination pavilion, (I’ve left out restrooms, snacks, beverages, lockers, etc. ) The entire pavilion could possibly be down again. or perhaps just the one attraction within is down. Who knows? Just like everything in walt Disney world, things don’t always go smoothly or are fixed in a matter of moments. While we all would love to believe this is the happiest place on earth and we are going to make nothing but magical memories with special Disney moments, the truth is, sometimes Tinkerbell needs a break, and that time just happens to be now. Her fairy dust is in short supply, and very difficult to get these days. Solution? Well, everyone close your eyes just for a moment, take a deep breath, and keep saying, “I think I can, I think I can,” over and over while you wish good things for Tink and all of the cast members who are working diligently to get the show up and running for you. Believe me, from personal experience, this matters to them. You matter to them. Remember that. Now……off you go! Many more magical moments ahead. Check back in a while, or ask a cast member…(the most updated information usually* can be given to you by asking one of the cast members who has a radio attached to them…just don’t interrupt if they’re speaking with someone or working. Magical memories to you all, and may the mouse be with you!

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