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We Now Know What Is In The New $5000 Disney Drink!

We Now Know What Is In The New $5000 Disney Drink!
Credit: Disney

The $5000 drink aboard the Disney Wish has been revealed. Read on to see all that is included. Do you think it is worth the big price tag?

The $5000 Drink

Credit: Scott Gustin

Just a couple days ago we learned of a new $5000 drink available for purchase in the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge. Social media videos shows two Cast Members enticing guests to purchase the new drink.

The Kaiburr Crystal is a canister contraption which is activated by pressing a button and turning a dial. There are sound and smoke effects, and the sides of the device reveals three shot glasses. It is out of this world and straight out of Star Wars!

However, when guests asked what the expensive drink included, Disney remained hush hush! However, now we know what exactly makes the drink worth the $5,000 price tag.

What Is Included?

Credit: KtP

Theme park reporter Scott Gustin confirmed that the $5,000 Kaiburr Crystal on the Disney Wish comes with severel items and experiences!

The experience includes four drinks. The cocktail is primarily made with Camus cognac and also includes Japanese citrus fruit, yuzu and kumquat. The 3 shots are Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23 Year bourbon, Taylor’s Kingsman Edition Very Old Tawny Port, and Watenshi gin.

All 4 silver plated cups are for the guest to keep. Disney also included a Star Wars backpack, water bottle, a Hyperspace-themed room decoration, and other gifts. Lastly, guests will also receive a bottle of Sparkling wine from Skywalker Ranch and one voucher good for one person to visit Skywalker Ranch which is located in near Nicasio, California. It is not open to the public.

Credit: Disney

The Kaiburr Crystal Camtano canister which holds the alcohol is not included.

To some guests, the hefty price tag may certainly change their perspective especially after learning about all of the extra goodies included.

Does this change your thoughts on what is included in the $5000 Disney Wish drink and experience? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group.

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  1. First answer was now way.. my 2nd answer is still no way!! I like to splurge, but not like that!! That’s several months of mortgage payments right there!! And what I spend on a whole Disney vacation!!

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