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A Fun New Deal will Make Bluey Fans Very Happy

A Fun New Deal will Make Bluey Fans Very Happy
Credit: Disney+


Do you want more Bluey in your life? We have some fun news for you!


Credit: Disney+

For those who have not been formally introduced, Bluey is a smash hit children’s TV series streaming on Disney+. This amazing cartoon comes to viewers all the way from Australia. The show follows the day-to-day lives of two blue heeler pups, sisters Bingo and title character Bluey, and their interactions with parents Bandit and Chilli. The family lives in Brisbane, Australia and they spend their days finding bits of magic in the mundane.

Each episode of Bluey is only 6 minutes long, yet it packs an endless amount of quality messaging into such a small space. Adults and children alike giggle, laugh, and sometimes even cry as the sweet stories unfold. This is a show that the whole family can enjoy!

The News!

Credit: Disney+

Just yesterday, April 12, 2022, it was announced that Bluey has a new business partner. Toy giant Hasbro has secured a partnership with the studio behind the series, BBC Studios.

This means that Hasbro will begin co-branding classic games using inspiration from Bluey! Soon, you will see games such as Bluey Monopoly Jr. and Bluey Trouble available. Bluey-inspired Play-Doh will also be hitting the shelves!

Credit: BBCStudiosPress

This is great news for families who have had trouble finding Bluey merchandise to fulfill their little ones’ wish lists. Even better, you don’t have to wait very long because some of the new fun has already found its way to retailers.

Where You Can Find it Right Now

Credit: Amazon

Naturally, Amazon already has some of the new Bluey items ready to go! If you act quickly, you may even be able to have them shipped in time for Easter.

Hasbro’s Bluey Monopoly Jr. is available through the retailer right now. Bluey Trouble is also ready to ship. The Play-Doh sets have yet to be seen, but they should be trickling out as the month goes on.

Are you or the kids in your life Bluey fans? Will you be looking for these new Hasbro Bluey items? Have you already managed to scoop some up? Let us know in the comments or join our friendly crew to continue the conversation on Facebook.

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    • Hi, Dora! My little ones and I would love that so much! Are you listening, Disney? We want Bluey to have some park presence. :)

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