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“No Show” Policy now Enforced for Select Park Reservations

No Show Policy now Enforced for Select Park Reservations
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Thinking you can just not show up for your park reservation? Think again. Select park reservation “no shows” could get you in trouble with Disney.

Park Reservation System

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One of the ways Disney manages capacity is through its theme park reservation system. In addition to a theme park ticket (or valid Annual Pass), you need a park pass. These two things grant you access to the park of your choosing on the day of your choosing.

The system came in very handy during the initial reopening phase as Disney restricted the number of Guests in the parks. Even though the health and safety measures are gone for the most part, Disney continues to remind us that park passes are here to stay.


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Annual Passholders at Disney World and Magic Key Holders at Disneyland are subject to limits on how many park passes they can have at one time. If you have a Disney Resort reservation at Disney World, those days do not count against your 3-5 day limit.

Disneyland’s Magic Key looks a bit different due to its customer demographics. Disney World has a lot of out-of-state Passholders whereas Disneyland’s Passholders are mostly locals. Additionally, there are different limits on how many park passes you can have at one time. The lowest Magic Key tier allows 2 reservations at a time whereas the highest tier allows 6.

No Shows

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Disneyland also has a no-show policy for its Magic Key holders. Not only do they have a no-show policy, but they are actively enforcing it.

The ability of Magic Key holders to make and hold park reservations will be impacted by the “no show” policy. Magic Key holders who are a “no show” for 3 reservations in a 90-day window will be unable to make new park reservations for 30 days. Existing park reservations at that time will not be cancelled.

The 30-day period begins the day after the third “no-show,” and will continue even if the pass is upgraded to another pass during that time. A Magic Key holder who enters the designated park any time before closing on the day of the reservation is not considered a “no-show.” If the reservation is for both parks, only one park needs to be entered to avoid being a “no-show.”

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Magic Key holders who timely cancel a reservation are also not considered a “no-show.” Cancellation of a reservation must be done by 11:59 PM PT on the day before the reserved date. Rules and policies are subject to change without notice.

What does this mean?

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Disneyland is now enforcing this no-show policy. If you do not make it to the parks for 3 reservations in a 90-day period, you will not be able to make new passes for 30 days.

Please be sure to cancel your reservation the night before! Hopefully this will help alleviate the lack of availability for Disneyland Magic Key Holders.

Disney World does not enforce a no-show policy for its Annual Passholders. We will be sure to share if they ever do.

Are you happy Disneyland is now enforcing their no-show policy at Disneyland? Do you wish they would do the same at Disney World? Have you ever been blocked out of the parks because there was no availability?


  1. Cancel at least 8 or 9 hours before park open, no strike against your 3.

    Not quite the sob story people are making. Most people can cope, they just wanna bltch. Most passholders find the math in their favor (otherwise they wouldn’t buy it). Take a peek at what non-AP guests pay. That spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. A 6 day ticket at WDW averages over $100 a day. The tradeoffs for AP are still beneficial to the millions of people who keep renewing passes.

    Rumor has it Disney is trying tame crowds in attempt to improve guest experience. As a business they’ve decided park reservations are part of that strategy. With parks nearing that capacity, more unused reservations means other people not finding availability. Is it really that hard to cancel? And remember, you do get a few strikes before it becomes an issue.

  2. I am a Dream Key annual pass holder. I am surprised to say that I am actually starting to prefer the reservation system for the SoCal Disney Parks. I have only been prevented from going once, when I could not get a same day reservation. I got a same day reservation at about 9:30 this morning, when I made a last-minute decision to try to go — and both parks were available! The advantage of the reservation system for me is that Disney can now match staffing to anticipated crowds. That should provide for better guest and cast member experiences.

  3. As long as Disney pushes the “woke” agenda, we’re not going. We love Florida and we found the Keys. Love it there. My granddaughters are in heaven every visit. Thanks, Disney, for opening our eyes.

  4. Again missed the point. Yes I can cancel but I might not want to until I have already paid for Genie + and see I can’t get to do what I want to do. So then I cancel and lose $30 ? I am not prepared to spend all day in a park. Not prepared to spend 2 hours in a line. Not prepared to wake up at 7.00am to book the damn things. It’s a vacation after all. Why do I have to book Park Passes ? Why can I not park hop until 2.00 pm ? At Universal I can walk on what I want when I want. Oh, not too bad to forget the phone for 5 minutes since at Disney you need it 24/7. But hey, we all do things differently.

  5. We don’t live in the Usa and obviously we are not annual passholders. We were at Disney World and Universal Studios for several days in January. Yes, there were long lines in some of the attractions and some seam to break a lot. We paid for the Genie + and were really able to do most of the attractions fast, planning carefully. Without Genie we would have been able to do everything also but spending more time. I understand that January is not High Season, but lets be clear of something: I went to Disney World for the first time in September 1978. Even then I remember spending 2 hours or more in line for an attraction. There is nothing new about that. Comparing what you get at Universal, this year’s visit to Universal was highly dissapointing, it was the opinion of 3 adults out of 3. Organization was terrible, the lockers are smaller than before or you have to pay for the biggger one. Things are not clear in the attractions that don’t let you in with your phone, Food service was bad, parking terrible since they park you far far away and then you walk in front of whole parking lots empty on your way in. It looks as if they on purpuse park you farther than needed so you pay premium parking next time. Long lines for attractions and stairs and more stairs during the lines and inside the attractions, and I can go on and on. Disney was by FAR a better experience. Returning to the AP no show policy. I think it is very fair. You could have a problem with a reservation once or twice, but 3 times in 90 days means you are not taking the time to cancel and let other people and other APs to use your reserved place even when you are not going. In the time of limited space, it is selfish to take places again and again not to use them and therefore not letting other people do.

  6. Too late by then already paid for Genie + and then saw I could get nothing after I had paid. So what do I do, cancel and blow off 30 bucks ? Then I wander around the park looking at and with no intention of buying their overpriced merch crap just waiting until 2.00 pm so I can go to another park. And that’s right ? As a DVC Member it stinks. We don’t do parks all day.

  7. I agree, plans can always change, but you have to be responsible and cancel your reservations you’ve made if you can’t make it. Every place in life asks for a notice of cancellation.

  8. For passes, we are paying for 12 months of access, not 12 months of use. The prices continue to soar with less & less offered within the park.

    Prior to the pandemic I went on a weekly basis & in two years spent over 100 days in the park. My passes expire in two months and I haven’t made the effort to even go back.

    We cannot enter restaurants to sit and have a moment outside of the sun and heat without proving we spent money. We cannot visit with characters. Parades are nothing in comparisons. Rides promised to us two years ago were never completed, the closures should’ve sped up the completions. The train has been out of commission for years. Upgraded parking no longer comes with complimentary water and access to refill stations if you bring your own cups have been cut down drastically. Photo passes are an upgrade. Annual passholders and the Disney Park culture created by them was publicly spoke against. No more fast passes.

    Now, they find it acceptable to take away a month of access for a service we pay for missing just 3 reservations. They have squeezed and squeezed the customer while giving less and less. So many of the rides are just feeling dated.

    Our AP is active but for less than the cost of our Disney pass we purchased a Univeral Pass with access to their spectacular water park. They valet park my car for me.

    Why pay top dollar to be treated like trash? You’re not having a better day at Disney. I’ve had the best days possible and they no longer exist.

  9. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with holding people accountable. Make reservations if you’re going to go, if not, cancel the night before. It’s really simple people.

  10. Disney now stinks. Been going for years but never again. Same eith D.C.L. done,done done. My bank account says thank you.

  11. “ People complain about government control but support a money sucking entertainment company and peoples right to chose.” . . . Someone forced you to take a Disney vacation?

  12. This article and comments the new that Disney Corp AND many of the better off $$ visitors NEVER read WHY Walt Disney started the Park for the regular person!
    I am SO sorry to make anyone feel odd for listening to OLDER citizen complain about costs! Don’t worry as I understand Economics and how to not visit or spend money for a less valuable, company with limits on their CUSTOMERS!
    There’s always a different park to attend! My family was to gather there after Covid lifts BUT now our 25-30 will not y going AND I have been spreading the info on Park charges,changes to working, retirement communities.
    Way to go Disney! Follow the asiaine ways of Michael Eisner!
    Have fun and in years let’s read how fast Disney changes course as the Recession sets in!

  13. Has gotten complicated for me. Have booked my room n bought tickets now I have to tell them what park I’m going to on what day. I don’t know what the weather will be 6 months. That always helped me decide

  14. Pre Chapek, I had an annual pass at Disney World every year for close to 15 years. I went once or twice a month, spending about 4 hours or so at a time. During those 15 years, i probably spent close to 150,000 dollars all told. They have managed to micromanage and nickel and dime me out of paying 10,000 a year to visit the visit the parks, I refuse to give them any more of my money at this point.

  15. Just my opinion, but this is an awful system. Been to Disney World 35 times out of my 36 years of life and the amount of stress that Disney has now put on guests is appalling. I honestly don’t know when I, if ever, will go back. Which is heartbreaking for me.

  16. I’ve been a Disney World patron since 1982 when Epcot first opened and I was just getting out if college in NYC. I’ve lived in western Florida about 1 hour from the Disney parks since 1986 and have enjoyed Florida resident passes and annual passes over the years many times. With my disabled partner since 2013, we continued to enjoy all the pre-Chapek and pre-covid era benefits from the Florida resident and annual passes until 2020 when everything of course unfortunately changed, and not for the better. We do not have the stamina or inclination to attach our cell phones to our faces like younger generations apparently don’t realize they’re doing. It is too much of a hassle and hardly enjoyable to have to spend significant funds on a less enjoyable, less old school Disney style hospitality and more difficulty to achieve about 1/3 of the activity we used to do, if at that, prior to the new reservations system and significantly fewer perks. Based on the new non-Disney style systems and attitude, I suppose our Disney days are for the most part sadly now a thing of the past. Universal Orlando is a much better deal with better customer service and easier access to rides and attractions than the present Disney fiasco. Plus we get their new fantastic park opening in a few years and significantly nicer resorts for the money than Disney is presenting. Good show Mr. Chapek and company! Terrific way to kiss your longtime, loyal patrons goodbye as well as our pocketbooks. I suppose younger, richer, stupider folks are your target audience now so go get ’em while we enjoy Universal and other non-Disney venues.

  17. While that sounds like a lot of money (and is), it doesn’t hold up against the higher end tourist visitor. We have averaged $40k/yr for a family of 4 doing around 3 5-day trips staying in the better hotels. This isn’t even what I would consider extravagant (no vip tours etc).
    Not saying it is right but I think we are more of their current target market.

  18. Exactly. Don’t like the rules, lines, or prices…stay home and make my day better at Disneyland! You hit the nail on the head with your post!

  19. You completely missed the point. I book a Park Pass. I get up early and pay in advance for Genie + despite the fact I have no idea what I can get for my money. I get nothing. So I think, rather do something else. But I have paid and will now potentially get sanctioned if I don’t show. That is being forced unless of course you are happy to throw money down the toilet. By the way, been to Alcatraz. You are right, interesting.

  20. Your final comment can be turned right back on you. ‘Dont tell me how it’s unfair for Disney to not limit access for annual passholders for one-time visitors to feel better about their trip.’

    Dont like it? Don’t buy it. And shut up.

    See? Easy. And see how vile and nasty your attitude is? My bet is miserable people like you won’t be happy at the ‘happiest place on Earth’ no matter what.

  21. I’m a passholder. I have the lowest tier pass, and go to Disneyland roughly every other month. My annual spend for just myself is approx $1500, for 6 days at the park for about 8-hours per trip. Everyone in the parks is spending a lot of money, and the people who fork over $1000+ for the higher tier passes are spending thousands a year, every year. They still pay for parking. They still eat. If anything they tend to be Disney faithful and the sorts of customers that are likely to own 40 loungefly backpacks or collect Xmas ornaments or ears etc.

  22. They don’t pay less. I’m a low volume pass holder (6-ish visits per year), mostly spend in the parks on food/drinks/parking, and for the two of us we’re at approx $3k/year, every year for the last decade. The reason you can’t enjoy your vacation is because you somehow think I’m taking up your space at a lower cost? Our average visit cost is about $500, we usually spend 8 or so hours in the park, and ride many fewer rides and visit fewer attractions since we go regularly. We also only go Mon-Thurs. Disneyland isn’t cheap for anyone, and those who buy the higher tier passes and visit regularly are easily in it for $2500+ per year per person. If passholders were less profitable and made the experience worse for non-passholders than Disney wouldn’t sell them. If they didn’t sell them, locals would still go. Personally, even without a pass I could keep my same Disneyland habits and the total annual cost for the two of us would only rise by about 10-15%.

  23. I spend a good $3k a year at the parks for approx 6 days of visits, at only approx 8-hours per day. We ride fewer rides per visit, join fewer lines, and spend less time at the attractions than tourists. An average trip sees us spending roughly $300 (X 6 visits, plus the $800/year we pay for the cheapest available passes and a few extra expenditures throughout the year). Our friends with the higher tier passes are easily spending $5-6k/year at Disneyland. In my experience pass holders are visiting frequently and spending just as much as your average tourist. I’m sorry you feel that some paying customers are less worthy than you because you’re on vacation.

  24. Yeah they charged me $70 (10 per head/ 7 guests) for canceling a dinner res, guess I should’ve known my kid would be sick 24 hrs in advance

  25. Just got back from Disney- def once in a lifetime trip cause that was a nightmare lol. Too crowded too expensive & not worth the $!

  26. I’d like to see some real, reasonable way for Disney to limit crowds in a way that is economically feasible. I think that the vast majority of people in the parks on one of the open days for the lowest tier annual passes are those with annual passes. It’s nice for the annual pass holders, but hell for those that are there for a once in a lifetime vacation. They pay so much more for the same experience. They are likely to buy more souvenirs, and food, and stay at a Disney hotel/resort. The annual pass holders fill up the park and ride lines and restaurants and photo locations, but have paid CONSIDERABLY less. Tell me how that is fair. Don’t talk to me about how it’s unfair for Disney to restrict annual pass holders. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, and shut up.

  27. DISNEY world has never been more crowded! This park reservations system makes you purchase tickets before you make a park reservation,so if you’re planning your trip 11 months out,DISNEY pockets the money right up front! Guaranteed money. And park crowds are more than ever!!

  28. “I forked over $1,500… that’s my reservation.”

    Most of Disneys guests, TOURISTS, spend $1500 for a week in the parks. They are top priority for access, sorry entitled pAssholders.

  29. If it ain’t broken Don’t Fix It. Disney needs to drop all the new systems, make things “easier” customers, happier and go BACK to the systems of 2019. Happiest Place on Earth ???

  30. People who buy a pass should not have to make a reservation at all. I made a reservation when I forked over $1500. to be able to go to any park any day for 365 days!

  31. People complain about government control but support a money sucking entertainment company and peoples right to chose. We had six day reservation at WDW and left three days early. Too crowded, paid for Genie and no benefit, just another way for Disney to make money. Must use the app but can’t use it to cancel a dinner reservation, app said to call, phone wait was two hours. Charge is $10 pp for not cancelling and of course it was booked with a credit card so they do charge. Magic is gone and so are we.

  32. I live in the free state of Florida, so at Disney World they don’t have those issues. Out of courtesy I would cancel to allow some body else to make their reservation. My wife and I used to go weekly to the parks. I lost her a few months ago, and would give anything to be stuck in a crowd with her at park closing. You don’t have to exit at the same time everyone else does. Find a nice place to sit down and people watch. Then, once the rush is over, casually waltz out without frustrating yourself.

  33. Probably, sadly. Actually… probably more. Like w dining now and paying to park at Disney resorts. Going to Disney has become work, a job even. So after 49yrs of going many many times a year and evolving through many many REASONED changes…we’ve simply quit going.
    Turns out, it ISN’T such a small world after all and there are plenty of places to go & things to do & see

  34. I think Disney might need a slap! You know, like that jerk player on a sports team that needs to be taken down a peg, or the radio star who thinks they are so awesome and eventually they need to be told to cut the crap. Time to go to other parks and tell Disney to stuff it. No more real perks…you know, the ones included because you stay at Disney resorts. Nope, not free anymore. No fast passes or free parking at the hotel you are stay at, no 2 extra magic hours morning or night. Plus now you have to use your smart phone for everything in the parks for every second you are there. Nothing like causing more difficulty and stress during a vacation. They think that is supposed to help you vacate your life? I am starting to think that I just wont ever go to Disney again. Disney needs to remember they became super popular from their incredible world class customer service. They seem to have forgotten that at the C-level.

  35. Reservation system is useless. Still a ton of people and does it actually matter at all if then at 2pm you can go to any park you want??? I’ve made reservations for DHS, gotten there at 2 or later, literally just “clocked in” and then exited to go to Epcot for the rest of the night. So technically their cast member allocation should have been at Epcot since I spent more time there.

    Pre-Covid, we could come and go as we please…sometimes work goes late or you actually aren’t feeling well/have Covid symptoms, and you make the adult decision not to go to the parks. Now they are penalizing you???? SMH…..

  36. I was at Disney for 16 days dec.28-Jan 12. For fireworks at magic kingdom 4 times and everytime park was WAY to crowded!! Literally shoulder to shoulder from castle to christmas tree and every direction at the roundabout Don’t tell me that they don’t allow people in there if the park is full it was a nightmare there were fights because people were too close together that I personally witnessed And Disney staff with their flashlight telling everybody if they can see the ground then there’s room to move up exact words

  37. Reservations should go away. It is a PITA and I haven’t noticed a difference the last few months from before covid

  38. Yeah not defending the house of rat here, but no one is forcing you to do anything, champ. If you dont want to go, then don’t go. Not as life ruiningly complicated as you’re desperately trying ti make it out to be…

  39. No one is “forced” to go. Just don’t go if you hate the idea that badly. And actually, a visit to Alcatraz is a very interesting historical tour. You actually might find you enjoy spending a bit of time there.

  40. The reservation system needs to go. People with health issues or other reasons cannot make spontaneous visits to park when health or circumstance permits. Not every one can use computer for reservations. Phone response any more is pretty much non existent.

  41. I think the reservation stinks! We have a handicap son and sometimes he has seizures and can’t make it! Disneyland is making it less fun and will loose business!

  42. You’re not forced to go. You just need to cancel your reservation if you decide not to go. Same way they charge if you don’t show up for your dining reservation.

  43. So I am forced to make a reservation (not my choice) and then forced to go. What’s next ? $10 per person fine ? Ridiculous. Better off spending a week at Alcatraz. Least I get to have half hour relaxation without trying to get a lightening lane. Plus no phones I guess………

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